7 Reasons Why Tights Are Better Than Bare Legs

Here at UK Tights, we are a touch biased about legwear, and of course, we think that tights are better than bare legs. But even though it is somewhat predictable that we would say that, we believe it’s true. So why exactly are tights always better than bare legs? Here are a few reasons why we think that.

1. Tights Help Show Your Sexy Curves Better

Tights show your curves much better than anything else apart from perhaps a waist cincher or corset under your dress. They’re often figure-forming if you go for compression tights, but even if they are not then the way they draw your gaze means that your curves are easier to show off. This is particularly true of back seam tights, and they really do highlight the contours of your legs and show off your gorgeous figure beautifully.

2. Tights Can Cover Your Blemishes

One of the great practical and cosmetic benefits of tights is that even sheer tights cover your blemishes. If you have anything on your skin that you don’t like the look of, you can help to alleviate them and give yourself more confidence by adding something to match your skin tone. This is especially effective if you choose matte tights, which can give your legs a makeup effect, helping to cover thread veins, birthmarks, and other skin blemishes.

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3. Your Outfit Is More Complete With Tights

Some pieces of clothing are outfit finishers. They help to wrap up your outfit and give you the complete and finished look you desire. This can also be true for some items of jewellery, or cosmetics like a flash of colour from your painted nails. But as for a piece of apparel, nothing says “dressed up” like a gorgeous pair of tights. Or if you want to go for that vintage style of dress-up, then stockings are even better.

4. Tights Really Can Make Your Shoes Fit Better

This is one of those tips and tricks that you might never have thought of or might even be a little sceptical about too. But with a bit of extra material, your tights really can make your shoes feel comfier and snug. This isn’t from adding material to your feet. Instead, it is from temperature and moisture control. They help to absorb the trace amounts of moisture that your feet produce throughout the day and keep them from swelling from the heat. This even happens when it is chilly, as you get friction between your feet and your shoe that causes heat, sweat, and swelling. Tights prevent that and help keep you feeling fresh and relaxed.

5. They Can Also Lengthen Your Legs

Back to our earlier point about curves, and you may have seen, we missed out one vital part about how great they make your legs look. Wearing a back seam or any other vertical pattern is a great way to give you a little extra height and lengthen your legs. They highlight the curves and contours of your legs just by drawing your eye but add something like a back seam, and you will also look that much taller and your legs that much more shapely and gorgeously long. Go without that seam or pattern, though, and you won’t achieve.

6. Tights Even Help Your Posture

This is another of those tricky things to imagine, but it is true. Tights can even help with posture, helping to stop micro-imbalances in your walk and the way you stand, something we all do naturally. Every human body is slightly asymmetrical, and we all favour one side somewhat. But with a good pair of compression tights, that is easily fixed. You can improve circulation, the condition of your muscles, and by proxy, your posture and the way you walk. Going to the gym and doing balance and coordination work can help this, but if you want a passive benefit, then compression hosiery is for you. Maintaining your health has rarely been easier than quietly slipping on a pair of support tights, but now that is an option, and we are so excited about it.

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7. Can You Get The Perfect Legs With Tights?

Well, of course, you can’t get the perfect look, or the perfect posture, or the perfect outfit, no matter what you choose to wear. Tastes change, and some things are no longer suitable, but no matter what. But wearing tights over bare legs will never make an outfit closer to perfect. However, wearing them will. A great pair of tights or stockings can only enhance an outfit, and so long as they are correctly paired, won’t ever take away from it. This is one of the best ways to get your very own close-to-perfect look, and should always be included in any ensemble.


  • Anonymous

    Women have given up wearing bras in their droves during lockdown. I wonder if this is also true of tights? Summer not withstanding.

  • Malcolm Smedley

    Thankyou for helping my confidence to get out once again in a skirt, being a mature man means I haven’t gone out in public dressed feminine for a a very long time, but your blog has given me a renewed confidence, hopefully I will select the best tights to show off my legs.
    I can’t wait to visit your store one day in person knowing you have the best selection in colours and styles.
    Thankyou once again
    Malcolm (aka Jennifer)

  • Stella

    Stella, french crossdresser always in tights ! Thanks a lot for your large choice of tights for our feminine legs, the best price and the high quality of your tights, for us !
    Kisses, to all my sisters in tights !

  • Stuart Tuck

    I love wearing tights, they can make your legs look nicer and I find them much more comfortable than wearing socks. I also love how a good quality pair of tights feel against your legs and feet, there have been times when I’ve worn just a pair of tights of a night in bed because I feel so nice and comfortable in them and I didn’t want to take them off. Tights are the best thing ever to be designed for your legs and I feel they should not be gender-specific, I’m a guy who loves wearing them.

  • Puerlin

    Going back to why tights are better than bare legs, I think you have missed two important ones:-
    1) They can keep your legs warm
    2) If you buy quality tights they can feel so lovely and cosy.

  • Martin Turnbull

    I have lots of tights and my favour is Wolford cos it so soft as some are great like Fatal 50, Pure 50 and Matt Opaque 80.. it so good to wear… love it. I will buy some more later. Levante Opaque 80 also great softy as well .

  • Neil Kuntz

    Hello. I just wanted to say that this article is so true. Tights make your legs look amazing. It helps define and shape the legs. I wear tights all year. Sometimes up to 18 hours a day. I absolutely love wearing tights. I really like how they complement my legs. Nothing feels better on your legs than a nice pair of tights.. Tights and legs go together so well. Truly made for each other..

  • Alan

    Tights are without a doubt the greatest invention EVER…i have been obsessed passsionate and madly in love with tights since I was little…they make your legs look a million times better and the soft gorg sexy feel of them on your legs just melts me..omg tights are just soooooo AMAZING… 💘 💘 💘 xxx xxxx

  • Jefferey Simpson

    I will have to say I wear tights in the winter instead of long johns because I find tights to be more comfortable and my feet don’t swell and my legs are not tired I started off buying it from the corner stores then started buying off you guys and there is a big difference in quality and feel much better and I am a guy

  • Polly-Anna

    I am a girl who wears tights most days (and a bra!) because I simply feel prettier in tights. My partner also wears tights because we both feel unfinished without them, and we love to touch them. She has to wear them for her work but even in lockdown we have carried on wearing them every day. xxx

  • Dave

    Stumbled on your website and I echo all the comments. Good to have a forum to talk about the delight of tights. Thanks everyone

  • Davos

    I know it won’t be a popular view on here but for me there is nothing better than seeing a woman show off her bare legs with a nice dress, particularly in the summer.
    I get that tights can hide imperfections, but personally, a nice pair of bare legs will always get the Wow factor.
    Each to their own I guess.

  • Vikki

    I have an ongoing ankle issue, which means I have to wear a support bandage on it, especially if I want to wear heels. I’ve found that a pair of 80 denier white tights makes my bandage almost invisible (of course on really bad days, my crutches give it away!). Add the comfort and warmth; and general sexy feel of wearing tights and they are always a winner for me. Even under jeans, I pretty much always wear them. Unusual for a woman these days, but I do what I do for me..

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