A Delicate Hint of Spring

Oroblu Sindy Hold Ups

Simplicity matters in fashion, just like it does everywhere else. Why are some things made more complex than they really need to be?

If you want to evoke a season with your designs, pick something that embodies that time of year. Add it carefully to whatever you’re doing and make the image suggest something.

Oroblu has designed the perfect pair of Spring fashion hold ups. Sindy is not just good, it is perfect. Take away anything else from your field of vision, it won’t work. Add anything more, and the delicate structure will fall apart.

Oroblu Sindy Hold Ups

Sindy Fashion Hold Ups suggest the season of Spring with their fragile butterflies, and their sparkling crystals made to look like morning dew.

By taking away from the design, Oroblu leaves room for your legs to be seen. The butterflies are only there to draw the eye, after all. It’s your legs that keep them there.

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