A Symbol of Our Time: Hashtag Tights

Jonathan Aston’s fashion tights have never been disappointing. What separates a disappointing fashion tights, or any clothing, from brilliant ones? Simply, it’s about being interesting. Jonathan Aston think outside the box and do more than just make stripes and spots work in their favour more than they did last season.

They add originality to their line and do things that’d never been tried before. This makes Jonathan Aston’s work ultra hip and easy to love.

One of the perfect examples of their consumate skill in this field is the new Hash Tag Fashion Tights design. It’s simply beautiful and it breaks the fashion world’s habit of constantly referencing itself, constantly recycling. These fashion tights talk to fashionistas on whole different level and make fashion tights draw inspiration from more than just other clothing. The hashtag tights areĀ a design the modern and future world of technology, social interaction and sharing.

We also like to think we’re pretty hip too. We use hash tags and things right here. Go to our Twitter page using that link right there and start following us. You can even get 20% your next order with us.

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