Best Cosy Stockings and Hold ups for Winter

A few weeks ago we introduced our list of Six Cosy Tights to Survive Winter; a quick guide for all of you looking for the best selection of Winter tights. How about if you are not a fan of tights but, indeed, a stockings person? Problem solved! This is the ultimate selection of cosy stockings and hold ups to survive Winter.

Levante Wool Stockings – £10.99 


These cosy stockings are truly unique: High denier, 70% wool and lovely matte finish. All these make them one of our winter best-sellers. You just need to read our customer reviews to realise how fantastic they are!

Trasparenze’s Great Selection of Winter Hold Ups 


Trasparenze Miranda Hold Ups (70% microfibre; 7 colours – £14.99), Trasparenze Melany Hold Ups (55% cotton – £15.99) and Trasparenze Jennifer Merino Wool Hold Ups (70% Wool – £20.99)

Back to the Everyday Basics with Silky and Pretty Legs


Best everyday stockings and hold ups for Winter: Silky Soft Opaque 70 Denier Stockings (£3.99), Silky Soft Opaque 70 Denier Tri Band Hold Ups (£5.99) and Pretty Legs 80 Denier Luxury Opaque Lace Top Hold Ups (4.99)

Pierre Mantoux Winter Hold Ups for a Winter in Style 


Pierre Mantoux Blanche Hold Ups (150 denier – £19.99 £29.99) and Pierre Mantoux Helen Hold Ups (£28.99 £33.99

The Perfect Minimal Look: Wolford & Aristoc 80 Denier Hold Ups


Wolford Fatal 80 Seamless Hold Ups (£28.99) and Aristoc 80 Denier Micro Fibre Hold Ups (£11.99) 

Have you tried any of these cosy stockings and hold ups? Share your thoughts with us in the comments bellow!

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