Black Friday 2020 Is Here!

Black Friday is the single biggest sale day in the world. That goes for everything in every sector of the commercial world. Ant that, of course, goes for tights, stockings and hold-ups too. Black Friday 2020 is certainly going to be our biggest shopping day of this year. And as such, we are really excited to start showing off our range. We like to see just how much everyone falls in love with our items.

Black Friday 2020 at UK Tights is a 20% sale on all our leg wear and hosiery. All you need to do is add heaps of goodies to your basket. Then, head to the checkout and use the code “BLACK”. This will give you 20% off your order, and any order you might place for the whole day. That means that if you miss anything out, no need to phone us up. Just place a second order and you will still get a discount. The sale runs from one midnight to the other midnight on Friday 27th November.

This year we have some amazing items. They have arrived with us from nearly all of our brands. New item and replenished inventory are both here, so there is plenty to get excited for. And with the seasons only recently changing, we have new fashion tights for Black Friday 2020. These names include some of your favourites. So you can easily get big discounts on the likes of Fiore, Giulia, and Wolford for Black Friday.

We have also brought several new brands into our family recently. Here at UK Tights, we love to bring new brands into the fold. So you have more than just your old favourites to work with too. Another thing you should know about is how our code has changed. We have increased our usual discount from 15% to 20%. So this might be the biggest sale we have ever had. And of course, we have discounts over at UK Lingerie and UK Swimwear too.

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