Tattoo Tights and How They’re Changing the Rules for Fashion Tights

There has been a trend slowly emerging over the past few seasons. Retailers have been witness to the odd sightings of a strange phenomenon. It’s seen only on the fringes of fashion tights territories. It’s kind of like Big Foot or something!

Tattoo tights, in case you didn’t decipher all that.

We love the idea of tattoos becoming designs. It’s going to open a new window for fashion tights. It’ll mean patterns don’t have to be the dominant kind of design.

The problem’s with the leg wear world. Only a few brands are giving it a go. The big names of fashion tights only release two or three per season. We need six or seven, per brand, to get this ball rolling.

Jonathan Aston have only released one of these themselves, but we think this one is special. We hope it gets the ball rolling, because this one’s superb!

There’s an unknown quantity with this design. When we first spotted it, we all had to tilt our heads to find it. The pattern… doesn’t have a pattern!

We mean there’s no strict order to it. All of the motifs have a different angle or size to them.

Of course, it’s vital you get a tattoo you love. It’s permanent. But fashion tights are just as good for making a statement or crafting an appearance as ink can be. It’s good, then, that Jonathan Aston have chosen such beautiful, expressive symbols.

The bird has always meant independence and grace. Jonathan Aston know they’re designing for someone who hates an uneventful appearance. This little sparrow is caught in an action shot, and it gives your legs that care-free excitement J.A. knows you want.

Of course, respected fashion tights designers should never let length escape them! Those hearts and chains do more than make the design unique. They give these fashion tights a back seam!

This particular motif is precise, not scattered or chaotic.

Seams have to be like this. When it isn’t, the effect is lost. Here the chain starts in just the right place. Over the peak of your shins, descending the curves of your calf, finishing just short of the slender borderline of your ankles.

Sly and secretive. The best kind of seductive seam!

The surprise of this design was the floral. The beautiful blooming buds are a nice way to finish this piece off. It adds a delicate and gentle element to the whole thing. When you look at them and the birds together, they look almost animated together!


Where and When?

Fashion tights this eclectic can be difficult to pair up. We recommend simple and elegant dresses or skirts. Nothing too heavily patterned. Black. An unassuming outfit will give these fashion tights their impact.

But we think these will appeal to more than just one kind of person. They say “confident, proud and beautiful” to us. Not everyone will want to partake of this new trend of tattoo tights at first, but it still speaks to plenty of people. It’s what makes them such a game-changer!

We think, if you have any of the above in you, these will say at least something to you.

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