Lace Tights and Breaking the Rules

In a time where fashion is praised most often for its simplicity, why does something as rich and complex as lace tights enjoy such fanfare? The patterns are normally deep and full of detail, with floral motifs or other ornate features.

One thing that might shed some light on the appeal of these beautiful tights is swimwear. At our other¬†blog about swimwear¬†, we’ve talked before about only nature patterns can really survive being ornate. Why? Because the natural world has always been ornate and it’s always been pleasing to the eye. Nature is timeless, quite literally, so it’s always going to have a certain captivating edge to it.

Lace tights almost always feature a gorgeous floral pattern, which would explain their never ending appeal. What about those lace tights that are just abstract? Often, they’re so complex and rich that they keep people looking at your legs for a lot longer than any other legwear might.

But your legs are something naturally beautiful too, so it seems designers know how to keep us trained on something that we like. Good news for fashion lovers. Legwear is all about drawing gazes, so lace look like it’s always got the upper hand there.

Lace tights know how to stay beautiful long after the fashion season ends. They break the rules of timelessness, with the help of your legs’ oldest friend.

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