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Brown Skin Essentials, The New Brand For Darker Skin Tones

We get to see many interesting new ideas and concepts for new products here at UK Tights. Some are really innovative, and others are bold and daring. And some we think are perfect for filling a niche we have been scratching our heads over for a long time. That is where Brown Skin Essentials comes in. These wonderful products are tights from women of colour, and only for women of colour. They make no designs outside of this niche, and they do it spectacularly well.

Every brand should have at least one range that is a case of “doing one thing well”. But with Brown Skin Essentials, it is their entire catalogue. They are made with only tights for black women or tights for ethnic women in mind, making them true specialists. As a result, they have the best colours and shades for matching your skin tone perfectly. Each colour is aimed at matching your own skin with a perfectly complimentary product.

Light Brown Sand

Light Brown Sand is their lightest shade and is the best shade for Southern Europeans, mixed-race women, and those with a golden skin tone. If you want something with a latte shade to it, this is it. This shade matches the following Mac Studio Fix Shades: N4, NW10, C40.

Light Brown Almond

Light Brown Almond is for women from Southern Europe or the Levant. Women with a Greek, Italian, Israeli or lighter-skinned Persian look would all suit this particular colour. This shade matches the following Mac Studio Fix Shades: NC38, NW33, C5.5, NC40.

Brown Sugar

Brown Sugar is a shade that is designed for Arab women or those of a bronzed skin tone. Be careful with the naming here though. It is not actually like a brown sugar colour, but more of a golden creme brulee that you are in for. This shade matches the following Mac Studio Fix Shades: C8, NC42.

Honey Brown

Honey Brown is where there is perhaps the biggest jump in their shades. We would say women of a significantly more brown skin tone than the other shades we have mentioned should go for this. If you are Arab, Persian, North African, Cuban, or even Northern Indian in appearance, this is for you. It still has deep golden skin tones to it though, so it is not in the realm of black skin tones yet. If you are dark but with plenty of gold or dark bronze in your skin tone, this is for you. This shade matches the following Mac Studio Fix Shades: NW43, NC45.

Cafe Brown

Cafe Brown is where we get to the colours that are designed for African or Caribbean women. This is for those who are slightly lighter-skinned African women, like many women from South Africa. If you are a black woman with freckles, for example, then this is your skin tone of choice. This shade matches the following Mac Studio Fix Shades: C55, NW46, NW50.

Dark Chocolate Brown

Dark Chocolate Brown is the darkest colour that Brown Skin Essentials make. If you are of West African descend and have deep and dark chocolate brown skin, this is undoubtedly the thing you. This is a gorgeous Nubian shade that you will adore if your ancestry is from West Africa to the Congo or many Caribbean nations like Haiti. This shade matches the following Mac Studio Fix Shades: NW57, NW60, NC60.

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