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Pamela Mann Witches Halloween Tights
Pamela Mann Witches Halloween Tights

Karl would be very angry with us if he found out that we hadn’t mentioned these Halloween tights first. Karl is our agent for Pamela Mann. He’s the perfect agent for the kind of products that Pamela Mann releases. An eccentric, wild and energetic personality. He’s got no idea what tights actually are. He used to sell racing cars. Toy ones. You know, Scalectrix?

Anyway, a madly cool guy and as far as his work as an agent goes, this kind of design is made for people like him. The wonderful mixture of classic, cartoonish characters and madcap little creatures of Pamela Mann’s Witches Tights are delightful!

As we said yesterday, this Halloween, we hope, is going to be about finding your own fashionable space and carving out a little bit of personal expression for yourself. Witches Tights are going to be one of the most popular pair of Halloween tights this year, but it doesn’t mean they’re going to be the most ordinary.

Withches tights, for a pattern so complex, is very versatile. The simplest way to show them off is to pair them with a black dress. This is a classic, but other colours work too. Purple, formerly our signature colour and still one of our favourites, is perfect because of the humorous little Gillian McKeiths witches on the leg of the tights.

Whatever you pick out, make sure you stick with our marching tune this All Hallows Eve. Original, personal and expressive.

And if you’ve got any ideas for other costume fanatics, why not share them?


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