Hosiery for Dark Skin Tones? Buy Pendeza!

Yesterday one of our followers on Twitter told us about Bianca’s Business plan at BBC’s TV show The Apprentice: A range of tights for all skin colours and shapewear for all shapes and sizes. We’ve talked recently about shapewear. Although most of the brands of hosiery already produce tights for all skin colours, there’s a hosiery brand specialised in hosiery for ethnic skin tones and dark skin tones: Pendeza!

Why should I buy Pendeza hosiery? 

If you’ve dark skin, you must already know about the unflattering effect pale tights have on this kind of skins. However, Pendeza’s collection has five different dark tones. The 15 denier tights from Pendeza also have reinforced toe and reinforced panel for extra comfort. The best? Their price: Only £4.99! 

Pendeza Tone 10 Tights: Fair Skin Tone

Pendeza Tone 10 Tights

For a slightly lighter tone, these Kunert tights in Hasel tone, the Girardi Elen Tights in Tahiti tone and any of Cette hosiery in the Bruges tone are pretty good choices, too.

Pendeza Tone 20 Tights: Mildly dark skin tone

Pendeza Tone 20 Tights

The Oroblu Couture Tresor tights are available in a similar tone: Caramel (in 20 or 40 denier).

Pendeza Tone 30 Tights: Medium dark skin tone

Pendeza Tone 30 Tights

Pendeza Tone 40 Tights: Fairly dark tone

Pendeza Tone 40 TightsFor some 40 denier tights matching this skin tone, you can also try the Trasparenze Debby Tights in Cappuccino.

Pendeza Tone 50 Tights: Dark skin tone 

Pendeza Tone 50 Tights

Don’t wait for more to try Pendeza! If you’ve already tried worn them in the past, feel free to give us your feedback!

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