Fashion Tights’ Postmodern Masterpiece

Oroblu have delivered something so different, this season, to what we’re used to from fashion tights designers. Their designs are abstract, disembodied and postmodern. This is Melissa. She’s one of the new pieces from the Oroblu fashion tights range, and, we think, the most challenging to review.


So many brands are looking for reinvention. Reinventing things can get you surprisingly new and original results, but not all the time. Oroblu have taken a different route, and a brave one.

Their collection this Summer isn’t from any period. It has no allegiances with any colours, patterns or shapes. Everything is abstract and untested.

It’s something we’ve wanted to see them try for a while.

Melissa and her cousins are made to be visually distorting, eye arresting and emotionally vexing. The pattern is the way it is to do but one thing. Keep your eyes staring, in one place, fixated for as long as possible.

Fashion tights like these can’t be captured in a regular sentence. But we think the real power of these trending fashion tights comes from Oroblu knowing how to use what they’ve created. They don’t just through patterns of your legs and hope for the best. They’re giving you a really considered piece of work.

The pattern only travels upwards and downwards, and whenever it ventures towards the horizontal, Oroblu pull it back into a free fall. This is vital to building the vertical stripe effect that slims your legs and gives you a more defined shape.

Melissa is a very different breed of fashion tights, something you and we might not have seen too much of before. We like her originality, and Oroblu have made something that really reaches the creative fashion tights lovers.

We’re very happy with their season, but Melissa steals the thunder. She’s amongst the best of Oroblu’s work. Their masterpiece.


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