Fiore’s Halloween Tights Bring The Best Of Pop Culture

Fiore loves fashion; it is no mystery or secret, but seasonal fashion is something that only a few designers take very seriously, and Fiore happens to be one of them. The event in question is the season of spooks, some people’s favourite annual holiday, Halloween. This year, Fiore is doing something a little different with their fashion pieces, though. They are going for some pop culture references in their fashion tights. Each is based on a comic book, television, or pop culture icon. It is a small collection of just three items, but they are some of the most stylish and exciting Halloween tights we have ever had.

Fiore Spider-Woman Tights

This is a tribute from Fiore to perhaps the best known comic book franchise of all time, Spiderman. Or specifically, it is a tribute to Spider-Woman. An alternative version of Peter Parker from another world where a young woman gets the same signature web-slinging powers as Spidey. Serialised in 1977, this was one of the first female versions of a male superhero and a pioneer in taking a popular franchise and putting a female face in the role. That was a daring thing to change so suddenly at the time. Still, people loved this fantastic new superhero. Her bold and bratty banter, just like every incarnation of your friendly neighbourhood Spiderman should be.

These new Spider-Woman tights are a simple and elegant tribute to this fantastic pioneer of female superheroes. The Halloween tights themselves are sheer and mostly unpatterned. They feature a web motif at the top and a slender line down the side to imitate a strand of spider silk, with a little eight-legged friend just past the knee. This mimics the same leg-lengthening effects of the backseam and draws your eye. And of course, if you don’t fancy a comic book outfit, it can always be worn as a more versatile pair of spooky tights. It is as great for a witch or a vampire or a bride of Frankenstein outfit, thanks to the universal creepiness of cobwebs and spiders, so that it might be the most versatile item in the range.

Fiore Hello Gotham Tights

Fiore would not make a homage to comic book heroes without going for the most famous and beloved of all time. That’s right; it’s a pair of Halloween fashion tights modelled on The Caped Crusader, The World’s Greatest Detective, The Dark Knight, Defender of Gotham, The Batman himself. Giving you a potted history of Bruce Wayne and his cowled alter ego is not necessary. Who hasn’t heard of Batman? But remember, Fiore has already given us the more feminine take on the above Halloween tights, so why not these tights too? Batgirl was one of the later characters to don the Robin costume and, like all the sidekicks before her, graduated into her leading role. These are just as much a tribute to both Batgirl as they are Batman, and that is not where their versatility ends.

Fiore Hello Gotham Halloween Tights are dark and brooding, with a “grimdark” feel, meaning the kind of mood that only the grim and gritty comics and graphic novels that this franchise is known for. After all, Batman and Batgirl were inspired by classic detective fiction and film noir. The stark black on black print gives it this brooding atmosphere, and the sharp and in-motion motifs of bats maximise it. It is also quite versatile, as you can also wear it without it being specific to its intended character. Couple with a flowing dark dress, and you have a witches outfit. Combine it with something with lots of red and black and in leather like a corset and red blouse, and you have the makings of a vampire outfit. We did mention how versatile it is, after all

Fiore Agent Skully Tights

As if we hadn’t had a strong enough range of pop culture icons, Fiore has decided to pay homage to maybe the best and most beloved female pop culture icon of the last three decades. That’s right; they have a pair of tights to pay homage to Special Agent Dana Scully of The X-Files. Scully had it all. Brains, beauty, determination, stick-to-it-iveness, and most of all, a healthy scepticism to Mulder’s sheer dizzying ability to believe in every paranormal theory, no matter how farfetched. Scully is the thinking man’s favourite female lead and the epitome of a smartie-pants without ever becoming less likeable because of it. And with the likes of Giorgio Armani dressing The X-Files’ cast for a portion of the show, she became a style icon too. So this makes her the perfect choice for pop culture Halloween tights.

The tights themselves are a simple skull motif repeated over the leg, a play on words that a boffin such as Scully herself would appreciate and groan at in equal measure. Like all items in the Fiore Halloween tights range, they are versatile enough that you need not go as the subject herself. The skulls alone make it ideal for any witch, vamp, ghoul, or goblin. But if you wanted to be a little ironic with your outfit, then wear a tasteful dark pencil skirt, a blue or black blazer, and a white silken blouse complete with a collar over lapel. You can have people guess from the suit and the tights combo and add an ironic twist to your Halloween party outfit this year.

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