Innovative Hosiery: The Future of Hosiery is Here

Fashion designers are constantly investing in new technologies and fabrics. Hosiery manufacturers aren’t an exception. Fashion trends have returned to classic styles. However, hosiery is moving forward and new improvements have appeared. The future of hosiery is already here! Here you have Six New in Improvements in Hosiery you can shop at UK Tights.

Seams hidden under your toes

Pierre Mantoux Veloutine 0 Ultra Sheer Tights

Many people ask us for seamless-toe tights, but the way hosiery is made makes it impossible to remove the seam. Luckily, Pierre Mantoux have created a new under-the-toes seam, perfect to wear with sandals and peep-toe shoes. Get now the Pierre Mantoux Veloutine 0 Ultra Sheer Tights from £14.99.

It’s all about that bass

Esbelt Bum Bum Enhancing Brief

Weight losses and ageing can flatten your bum. Luckily, Esbelt shapewear has come out with the idea of bum-enhancer shapewear. Goodbye, surgery! HelloEsbelt Bum Bum Enhancing Brief.

Opaque tights no matter the weather

pretty polly heatsense coolsense

Wouldn’t you like your clothes to feel warm in Winter and fresh in Summer? The Pretty Polly Heat Sense range gives you extra warm in the coldest days; same as if you wore 200 denier tights. On the other hand, the innovative fabric of Pretty Polly Cool Sense tights gives you a feeling of freshness, even in Summer.

Glue your hold ups

Staysput Hold Up Adhesive 10ml

We absolutely hate when your hold ups don’t stay. This happens when they’re too big, too old… or too cheap! The Staysput Hold Up Adhesive is perfect to avoid that horrible sensation of hold ups falling down.

Classic black leggings with a twist

leggings push up or socks

When we think of the Future of Hosiery, we imagine garments with extra features. These two leggings are a good example of innovative designs. The Oroblu Push Up Leggings have a built-in bum enhancer. Charnos have converted their classic black leggings in tights by adding some socks. Here they are: the Charnos Velour Lined Tights With Cotton Boot Sock are perfect for the winter chilly.

The future of hosiery is here. What will it be the next great idea? What of these innovative hosiery products is your favourite? 


  • Michael

    Great blog. Informative and insightful. I have been a daily hosiery wearer for 15 months. Have loved tights, pantyhose and stockings for over 40 years, but never worn on a daily basis until after my two knee replacement surgeries in the past 3 years. I wear medical compression hosiery, due to circulation and vein issues. However i also love regular non medical hose for around the house when my legs are elevated. I even some nights like sleeping in a pair of pantyhose.


      Hi Michael, Thanks for your comment. I’m afraid I understand what you say. Two of our staff have knee conditions and compression hosiery is really helpful to give that extra support our knees need. We’re glad you like the post. Have a lovely week!

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