Kiss Me Deadly Lingerie – Bringing Sexy Back

Kiss Me Deadly Lingerie has finally arrived in UK Lingerie and it’s to die for! Their brand new range will definitely make the bedroom hot and steamy on a cold winter night with your partner, as Kiss Me Deadly sexy lingerie line will definitely spice up any relationship! Just look at this pretty amazing girdle. Doesn’t it feel like it’s hot already?

kiss me deadly pankurst burgundy girdle

Kiss Me Deadly Pankhurst Burgundy Girdle

From the more minimal design of the Valenti briefs, with its cute lacy scallop trim and matching suspender belt, to the more scandalous Everything less cupless bralet: a soft sheer black mesh style with a beautiful diamond pattern. A beautiful combination of bows can make anyone feel hot and heavy. Just what you want a sexy lingerie range to be! Looking good means you will feel more confident and content.

From Boudoir to Vintage-Inspired Kiss Me Deadly Nightwear

kiss me deadly grace satin gown

Kiss Me Deadly Grace Satin And Chiffon Gown, with matching kimono robe available

Once upon a time, a woman went on a long search for a good suspender belt set… and ended up with a vintage inspired, retro lingerie brand! (Kiss Me Deadly)

One incredible feature of Kiss Me Deadly that really wowed us at UK Lingerie is the diverse and distinct types of lingerie this brand puts out to the customer. This is, KMD alternates from their alluring yet comfortable Grace sheer Ruffle Robe to the retro and more burlesque style of the Pankhurst Burgundy Girdle, akin to the sensual style of the 1940’s speakeasy girls, who were well known for making men feel hot under the collar back in the days!

kiss me deadly everythingless ouvert pantygirdle

Kiss Me Deadly Everythingless Ouvert Pantygirdle

Kiss me Deadly is definitely the perfect range for anyone wanting to embrace the boudoir lingerie trend on style, with the right designs and only the best fine fabrics. This range truly does bring sensuality back. With its dark and muted tones, it will make you look mysterious, yet inviting, and are definitely worth every penny.

Why not treat yourself or your beloved one with one of these sensual pieces of lingerie? Do check out what other brands of boudoir-inspired lingerie you should start trying out!

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