La Carmina, A Blog We Love!

If you like your fashion blogs and you’ve never read anything on La Carmina, you’ve been missing out. La Carmina is a brilliant blog about fashion and travel that UK Tights has recently fallen in love with.

One of her people behind the scenes contacted one of our our people behind our scenes to ask about swapping a few words or an article. We decided to go one better and sent them some free tights instead.

The wonderful people we spoke to were overjoyed and gave the tights to the lady herself. La Carmina tried them on, took some pictures and even took them with her on vacation to Israel. How exciting! She wrote a post about them and also took a few pics from her trip.

La Carmina

Japanese tights

La Carmina in Tel Aviv

La Carmina writes for more than just this one, personal website though. She is also the fashion correspondent for the Huffington Post and has a gig as a television presenter in Japan.

As you can tell from the brilliant and ever vibrant photography she has on her site, her style is decidedly Japanese. The unique style of dress you can see on her website is called Harajuku, after the district of Tokyo. It’s where young men and women meet up to collect and curate cool items of clothing and uniquely Japanese curios. Here’s a few examples of the outfits you might see in Harajuku.

Harajuku Stockings

La Carmina’s fashion sense is on fringe but it’s also warmly familiar. Harajuku and Goth fashion is loved by the youngsters of Tokyo for its identity and admired by everyone else for its daring. La Carmina is one of the people at the heart of this movement. She brings the quirky joys of the district to the rest of the world in the most fun way possible.

Check out her really cool blog in full and make sure you subscribe to get her updates!

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