Discover the Top Leggings for 2019 Spring-Summer season

Weather in spring often changes unexpectedly. A typical spring day stars with some rain, only to let the sunshine make its appearance around noon. This is why your spring wardrobe should be ideal for inclement weather. Your outfit should be able to change with the weather. The right legwear can save the day. Why do you think we suggest you wear leggings for 2019 spring-summer season?

Why you need to wear leggings for 2019 Spring-Summer

It doesn’t matter how you choose to wear your leggings, the material these are made of or, even the colour. Red leggings, green leggings, black and white leggings… and, of course, the mighty black leggings. Spring 2019 is the season to wear leggings like a celebrity. You don’t have to be an Instagram star in order to master the look. Keep reading to discover what are the key 2019 leggings styles you should be wearing this spring and our favourite styles, starting with these amazing vegan leather leggings, which are…

1. Wolford Estella Leggings

Wolford Estella Leather Leggings 2019

Much more than a classic pair of leather look leggings. The Wolford Estella Leggings are THE Wolford leggings. As comfortable as every other Wolford leg style, with a smart and chic finish. The best? At the moment of publishing this post, they are £100 Off! Unbelievable, right?

How should I wear these Wolford leggings?

Wear these vegan leather leggings with heels, like the picture, or with heeled sandals, for a seductive look. Pair them with a white shirt and a smart blazer for a sophisticated work look. Or, for a more romantic look, wear them with a lace top. Skipping the high heels? Try out these sexy black leggings with metallic trainers and an oversized blazer. So chic!

2. Jonathan Aston Sporty Luxe Leggings

Jonathan Aston Sporty Luxe Leggings

Do you remember we told you about these leggings in our post about creating a capsule wardrobe with leggings? Jonathan Aston has some amazing leggings, but their Sporty Luxe Leggings are our favourite ones. We only have a few pairs left, so hurry up! We love that sparkle side stripe, with makes your legs look longer.

How to wear these trendy leggings?

Just like the leggings before, these trendy leggings are great to party in style or to go shopping in a casual look, paired with black trainers. We’d go for simple footwear: one colour, matt finish, no prints. We don’t want your trainer to steal the magic from these leggings! Needless to say, they are ultra comfortable, too.

3. Giulia Seamfree Panty Leggings

Giulia Seamfree Black Leggings

These are the essential pair of black leggings your wardrobe is calling for. Not only plain leggings are a must-have in everyone’s spring wardrobe, but, we’d dare to say, the best leggings for 2019 Spring Summer. Being only £14.99, these Giulia essential leggings are perfect to pack with you for a short break or a musical festival. Utterly comfy, with a smooth finish and a seamless brief. You won’t want to take them off.

Other amazing leggings you have to try!

Now that you know what are our top leggings for 2019 spring summer, tell us. Will these styles be in your wish-list next time buy leggings?


  • P

    I have two pairs of Giulia Seamfree Panty Leggings and they are very comfortable. However the inside seam does leave an impression along my leg when I take them off.
    Do you know if there are any plain black leggings that are seam free along the legs (like tights are) but are still completely black out so can be worn as outer wear? Footless opaque tights don’t seem to be non-see-through enough for this?

    • UK Tights

      Hi there,
      There are a few seamless styles, but these don’t tend to be completely opaque. What we would advise you to upgrade for a higher quality pair, as seams tend to be flat when you pay extra. A flat seam is less likely to leave any impressions along your legs. Maybe you can try some Oroblu, Trasparenze or Wolford leggings. I hope that helps.
      UK Tights team

  • Dave

    Ah leggings…….I love wearing leggings, they are simply the most comfortable garment ever made, and in my opinion great for both women and men.

    If it were possible I would never pull on a pair of jeans ever again – not easy for a man.

    I wear leggings as casual wear, usually for lounging around, walking the dog and while out and about doing odd jobs and bits of shopping.

    I have never had any negative reactions in over 20 years and haven’t even noticed any second looks.

    The leggings I wear although officially ‘womens’ tend to be quite simple, plain black and I tend to buy a size bigger so they’re not too tight fitting – I would class them as Unisex. I wear with a longish T shirt or one of my favourite good old Weird fish jumpers (keeps my man card) that removes attention from any anatomical form one might worry about.

    To any guys wanting to try leggings I say go for it and I guarantee you will want to throw out your jeans after about 5 minutes, honestly try them – Maybe not ones shown here but Dawn has a good range of leggings to work your way through and believe me you won’t stop at just one pair.


    • UK Tights

      Hi Dave! Thanks for your encouraging comment! Many of our male customers are afraid of wearing leggings in public, but we can see more and more doing so. We believe it’s getting more common amongst people doing sports and younger public. As you say, leggings are absolutely comfy and they simply look great with a wide range of shoe styles: trainers, boots, flip-flops… very practical indeed.
      Do check out the Hue leggings, which are great for guys. Longer in the leg than other brands, we’d say, they are superb!

  • Matthew

    I’ve not worn leggings before but I am a 27 year old man that’s loves to wear ladies tights underneath trousers absolutely feels amazing I have such a obsession with tights I have well over 100 pairs brand new in boxs of single pairs 3 and 5 simple plain knit tights the best in my opinion for comfortable.Im in need of finding a beautiful lady that will share my passion for tights like myself

    • UK Tights

      Hi Matthew,
      Thanks for your comment. Do let us know if you try out leggins at some point. Or, maybe, you can first try wearing footless tights and let us know your thoughts 🙂
      Thanks again
      Kind regards,
      The UK Tights team

  • Steve N

    I’m a 39 year old man who has also ditched jeans and now wears leggings and tights most of the time. However, the point above about seams on some leggings is well made so I also wear footless tights. I love Wolford’s footless tights like their Velvet 66 and also Transparenze Dorella (which I have in all the colours!). To any man out there who is tempted to try leggings, just go for it – I did and my wife fully accepts it and loves me in them now.

    • UK Tights

      That’s great to hear, Steve. Just make sure that your footless tights aren’t see through. That sometimes happens after you wash them a lot (it happens with leggings as well, but these two you mention are top quality and this is an issue that happens more with the cheaper styles). We have heard great things about the Wolford Velvet Sensation Leggings, if you want to add these to your wish list!
      Kind regards,
      UK Tights team

  • Samantha S. Rivera

    I’m in my 30’s and I am a full-time crossdresser, since the age of 4 years old, I always had a skirt or a dress. I remember that at that age like if it was yesterday.
    I started changing wardrobe to female, everyday and all day long. So, the first time I tried and pay for it, my apartment went up in flames.
    Since I left NYC and went to SC, I’m doing it now. I came out to my aunt about it she heard I was in heels because of the wooden floors.
    I basically threw out my male clothing, exchanging it for women’s and this is a true fact of why I went with women’s clothing not realizing it.
    My aunt do like that baggy pants, well men’s are to big, boys are too small, nobody but myself was able to find it, in the women’s clothing department so I bought myself a few size 4 denims, leggings and jeggings, so far I’m love on the jeggings and the leggings.
    I really don’t care about the jeggings that much because not all of them won’t bring out the sexiness of the wearer unlike legg
    gings. Leggings is like a dream come true, because all we want is our figures expose in a sexy manner and leggings.
    So, leggings is my number one outfit with a spaghetti strap tank top and I got a lot of both. There’s a lot of ideas for leggings what to wear with it.

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