Hue Leggings

Hue is one of those rare brands that comes along only once in a generation.

What is the Hue ethos?

It is a brand built on a love of eccentric and artistic designs before it is built on the idea of selling units or building a business. Of course,
Hue cares about things like customer satisfaction and fair prices, as well as making a profit, but take a look at their origin story and you will see that that what always has driven them the most is getting their creativity out into the world. Unlike many design houses that want to fill a niche in the market, it seems that Hue was founded just for fun and the love of art, and they really exploded onto the scene because they love what they do.

How did Hue get started?

In 1978, a couple of the starving artists types in New York bought a few pairs of cheap Chinese slippers from the nearby street market in Chinatown. They took them home and proceeded to dye them in their bath tub in the craziest and most eye catching colours they could imagine. They did this for their own wardrobes, as gifts for family and friends and as a way to make end meet by turning a little profit on each pair when they resold the ones they weren't wearing or giving away. But when people started to ask them on the street where they got them from, they knew they were onto something. They said they made them themselves and people started to ask them if they could take orders for custom colours. This hobby became a cottage business, and the cottage business became a modern fashion designer of the most colourful womenswear in the world. Year by year this small team of artists had turned their project into a reputable business with the fantastic entrepreneurial spirit that only the passion of an artist can fuel.

Are Hue leggings colourful?

Hue are no longer a custom accessory maker. Now expanding into hosiery of all kinds, and menswear too. They make ladies socks, tights and leggings and have managed to keep their beautiful and admirable origin story alive and well in their designs. They are just as creative, colourful and inventive as they were back in the Seventies, a rare occurrence from a small business that became big. Rather than becoming too corporate like and becoming more mainstream and safe, they remain just as daring in their designs, only now they are manufacturing items themselves rather than just adding to pre-existing designs, and they are doing it with a blend of professionalism and artistry that is nigh-impossible to balance.

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