Leggings by Pierre Mantoux. Merry, Magical and Downright Delightful!

Leggings are always one of the best mediums to put your designs to in the fashion world. Their thick and robust materials gives any design a real depth of colour and character that sheer fabric just can’t manage.

That’s why some of Pierre Mantoux’s best designs appear on a leggings version, if not on leggings exclusively. Here’s one from their most recent season that we really love.

Pierre Mantoux Merry Leggings

Merry is certainly a good name for them. These are one of Pierre Mantoux’s most popular designs this season, and based on Pierre Mantoux’s incredible popularity, that really is saying something.

Pierre Mantoux’s designs are simple irresistible and we’re sure you can see why. Click the picture to get a closer look at this design or click here to see our entire collection of leggings.

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