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Oroblu Maryna Hold UpsWhile you’re possibly sick of seeing the name “Oroblu” after so many praise-filled posts over the past week or so, the Milanese designers are proving undeniable in the fashion hold ups sphere. Their latest release, Maryna, is incredible. Oroblu have gone further than any designer we’ve seen with this. They love to make the attempt to add something different and unseen to their work.

Oroblu Maryna Fashion Hold Ups has a column of tiny metal clasps running up the seam. Yes, these are made of real metal, not plastic or any other kind of imitation. Oroblu never imitate. We all had a hard time finding out how they managed to include this feature. Especially in a pair of delicately sheer fashion hold ups. The secret is in the seams. The two thick black bands running up the seam are striking. And Oroblu made them out of a much more robust material than the rest of the leg.

Oroblu know that good design considers the user first, and that this is no different with fashion items. Maryna is hard-wearing, but not rough. It is strong and elegant. Like a diamond, we suppose. We suggest Maryna Fashion Hold Ups for more formal events, like black tie. But, considering they are new and innovative, they aren’t restricted in anyway to tradition. This beautiful leg wear design is ideal for dinner dates and cocktail parties too. But the events are really up to you, the user, the wearer, the stylish.

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