Why You Should Love Fishnets As Much As We Do

Fishnet tights and stockings seem to come and go in and out of fashion, but some women will always wear fishnets. These ladies have worn them for the office with their business suits ever since they were in their teens. They have worn them for drinks after work, and they will carry on wearing them for years to come.

If you don’t know much about fishnets, then this article will give you a glimpse of how they came to be.

Fishnets were first worn in the 19th century and were mainly worn under long dresses. As you are probably aware, the Victorians didn’t hold with showing any leg. Not even an ankle. But fishnets were worn none the less. They took hold in the roaring 1920s when ladies started to wear their dresses mid-calf length and loved the idea of dressing in a risqué fashion. This was the same era that women went unchaperoned to nightclubs and smoked cigarettes in long black holders. They wore opera gloves, strings of pearls and of course, their Fishnets. At this time, they were seen as the absolute ultimate in femininity and sexiness and allowed women of this bygone era to dance the night away.

Since this time, fishnets have been worn for all kinds of events, and the fishnets themselves have changed considerably. You can now buy whale net tights and stockings, which are as they suggest, a very large net. There is a regular net that most women choose, but then there is also a Micronet which is a much smaller net and is often worn for the office. This is not generally seen as a sexy item but more functional. There are also many coloured fishnets which young women adore. Still classy, this chic and modern look is loved by all.

In this time of gender fluidity, it’s not just women who like to wear fishnets. Because they are seen as the sexiest piece of legwear on the planet, a lot of Trans people wear them along with their outfits. Fishnets tend to show off your curves and given that a lot of men have very curvy legs, it’s a great way to get your legs noticed. Young girls wear them too with ripped jeans or under short shorts. Anything goes when it comes to fishnets.

It has been said that fishnets can be a little edgy and not for the faint-hearted, but we disagree. Fishnets don’t have to look trashy. They can look sophisticated and trendy while still giving you that modern edge. When you wear them with a ripped jean, they look fantastic as a little net showing through the rip can look cool. Again, the idea of wearing a fishnet ankle sock is modern and appealing. Wear them with trainers or a flat loafer shoe, and they can look amazing. If you’ve never worn fishnets before then, this is a great way to start.

One tip we will happily give you about fishnets is this. Never wear them with an open-toed shoe. They can look terrible as your toes can sometimes poke through the fishnet and that is a massive ‘no-no’ for anyone. Stylish legwear is all about the idea and the look of it on your legs, but the last thing you want is to have it hit people right between the eyes.

Another great thing about fishnets is that if you’re a performer and you don’t want it to look as if you are wearing tights, then fishnets come in nude skin tones. For instance, Beyoncé tends to wear nude fishnets for every performance. The net blends into her skin tone, and it doesn’t look like she’s wearing tights, but everything is held in place, and nothing wobbles. That’s another great thing about tights. They keep everything exactly where it should be so if you’re a dancer, you must wear tights.

We’ve selected a few items for you to look at and possibly try out. There are tights, hold-ups and stockings, all fishnets and I’m sure there is a fishnet in there for you. You don’t have to be Beyoncé to wear them. You have to want to try something a bit new and a little bit you!

Charnos Fishnet Tights

Charnos Fishnet Tights

These are very popular as they look great and are reasonably priced. Perfect for the woman who is just starting with fishnets.

Trasparenze Ambra Coloured Fishnet Tights

Trasparenze Ambra Coloured Fishnet Tights

The perfect choice for some colour in your life. Again, not too expensive and the selection of colour is fantastic. Pair these with a plain outfit, and they will look very stylish.

Oroblu Tricot Micronet Hold Ups

Oroblu Tricot Micronet Hold Ups

Sexy and alluring, these are so far removed from the cookie-cutter woman of the ’50s who was then seen to be truly feminine. These hold-ups are a Micronet, so the fishnet is small and gives excellent coverage while still looking seductive.

Fiore Burlesque Fishnet Stockings

Fiore Burlesque Fishnet Stockings

If you want to go all the way, then these are the sexiest stockings you’re going to wear. Just the word burlesque brings an image of hot, steamy legwear to the forefront of your mind. Totally feminine, totally risqué.


  • Polly-Anna

    I tried fishnets but I found they actually hurt my feet with heels. So have stuck to sheer tights since. Is there any way to avoid that, cos I like the look but not the pattern that they left cutting into my feet after!!

    • Ben J D

      hi, I just saw your comment here.
      Have you tried fishnets over sheets tights or stockings?
      it will take the pressure off the fishnet fabric and your toes.
      Layers are a great look!
      The two styles layer together well, there is infinite colour combo options with layers and opacity.

  • Randy Pierce

    I wear fishnets myself for my fashion photos or to relax in around the house. My tip is to wear a pair of sheer glossy tights then I layer them with fishnets over. And then is very comfortable to wear and the sheer glossy tights under them gives your legs a stunning look can’t post a fashion photo but trust me they are so hot looking on.

    • Ben

      There are so many different Combinations with layers!
      Contrasting colours, patterned fishnets or sheer, different denier sheer tights and stockings.
      Exquisitely comfortable, lightweight wear for lounging in during the warmer months
      The fishnet pattern really emphasises shapes and curves by adding shadow.
      I think everyone needs to see their own bum in fishnets ☺️

  • Eleya Frields

    For the sore feet – look for dance tights, as they’re more likely to have a plain (not-fishnet) sole to the foot. They’re out there, just keep looking! Bonus: dance fishnets also tend to be sturdier. And, of course, look amazing.

  • Rune

    we love them on because they can be classy , burlesque, cheeky, and when worn with as stockings with suspenders such a frame for the female form

  • Sasha

    Classic black fishnet tights look slutty… But it’s what needed from them most of the time. Anyway, I think it’s not proper outfit for public places. It’s a bedroom seducing erotic thing.

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