Shiny Tights or Matt Tights? The Million Dollar Question!

To gloss or not to gloss; that’s the question. The million-dollar question, along with the bare-leg or tights-on question we all ask ourselves at some point over the summer. Shiny tights (both sheer and opaque) are super trendy right now, but, still, many people out there prefer matt tights to glossy hosiery. We have asked the experts, AKA the lovely people at UK Tights. This is what they’ve said:

Dawn loves wearing shiny tights

“There are a great many people who believe that glossy tights are not the right thing to wear. Personally, I love shiny tights. The way they make your legs shimmer and shine as you walk is something that I find very appealing”.

Levante Class Shiny Tights

I simply adore sheer shiny tights. I like the smooth shine that gives your legs that just oiled look. You can also wear higher deniers when wearing sheers. This gives an even glossier look and can also address some of those issues with marks. Dawn’s all the time-favourite glossy sheer tights are Levante Class Shiny Tights and Aristoc Ultra Shine Tummy-Control Tights“.

Marta prefers a matt finish

“I don’t much care for glossy tights. You must have flawless legs to wear them as they show every mark. I much prefer matt tights as you get a more even look. One of Marta’s favourite tights for summer are bare-leg looking tights Kunert Fresh Up“. 

Sammy goes for super shiny tights

“I love super shiny pantyhose. I feel that they enhance the curves of your legs and give the impression of silk against your skin. As you walk the muscles of your legs and the structure can be seen more easily giving them shape and contour”.

Cecilia de Rafael Eterno 15 Tights
Super glossy: Cecilia de Rafael Eterno 15 Tights

Georgina is in the matt hosiery team

I prefer matt tights as they give a much smoother, more natural look. Much better for covering blemishes. If you have tiny spots on your legs you’re less likely to see them with matt tights”.

Rachael goes for the best of both: A satin finish!

“I like a more satin product. Not matt or gloss but somewhere in the middle. The best of both worlds really. I think you can get away with satin legwear for day or evening”.

“It will go with just about any outfit and you could go from office to dinner date wearing the same product”.

For Rebecca, the tights’ finish depends on the outfit

“I think it all depends on your outfit. If you have a very shiny dress, then you wouldn’t dream of wearing matt tights. Your legwear should be matched accordingly”.

What about you? Do you prefer glossy tights or matt tights?

So, what are your favourites? Would you go for the ultimate high gloss legwear, for that just oiled look or a powder-like finish that gives your legs the more natural, “I’m not wearing legwear” look? Perhaps you’d plump for something in the middle, a satin look product, like Rachael.

Pierre Mantoux Eclatant Black Tights
Our best-selling: Pierre Mantoux Eclatant Black Tights

If you love a shiny finish, you’ll be glad to read that glossy legwear is super trendy right now. So, why not wear shiny tights that are sheer to waist with short shorts or a mini skirt? Denim is massive again and we never seem to tire of this fabric. Maybe you can match your shiny tights with a leather outfit or even some metallic-coloured clothes!

Look at some of the gorgeous shiny legwear we have in store now and bring your wardrobe right up to date. If you’ve never worn glossy tights before, it’s time to take the plunge!


  • randy

    Me I love glossy to super glossy tights . Am so I love with the glossy look on my legs hands down the are the ultimate look.

  • Toni

    I go more for the natural look. It gives it the makeup effect for your legs. Some of the pairs I love are Oroblu divine 10 and 20. Team Georgina here!

    • UK Tights

      The Oroblu Divine range is actually a great example, as they are made of nanofibre (instead of microfibre) and they’re absolutely soft. You can read here a blog post we wrote about them.

  • steve

    Depends on what your wearing. A night out for me has to be shiny tights. Or at a special occasion like a wedding. But, at work it has to be matt or opaques. But, not in the summer. Just simple sheers.

  • Toni L

    I go more for a natural, matt look. One of my favorite brands is Oroblu and I love the Oroblu divine 10 and 20. I’m team Georgina!!

  • Andrew Crampton

    I am in the glossy camp, but perhaps of a slightly higher denier. I wore Aristoc Ultra Shine 10 denier tights yesterday, yet despite the sun being out they were almost invisible !

    • UK Tights

      Wearing ultra sheer tights when it’s warm out there is ideal to care for your legs and feet. Even more, if you wear new shoes! No blemishes at all!
      Thanks for leaving a comment.
      UK Tights team

  • Anonymous

    I am in the glossy camp. I really like the Cecilia de Rafael brand, they are really glossy, especially the nude/natural ones, I’m wearing some black ones at the moment. My absolute favourites are the Wolford 20 denier satin touch ones, they are really top quality and look and feel great on, I have them in several colours.

  • Dave

    I prefer a matt look for tights, a hint of shine is ok but not too much.
    One benefit of a gloss or shine is the “glide factor” which makes wearing tights with trousers or jeans a bit better due to less pulling in a downward direction (good tip for men trying for 1st time).
    The range of fibres and finishes that are available today is so vast I can’t keep up, but gotta try em all.


  • Anonymous

    If I want to feel sexy it has to be glossy every time. But if I’m going for the glamour look patterned are the ones. It’s a shame you can’t get glossy patterned tights I’d be an instant fan.

  • UK Tights

    You don’t get patterned glossy tights, but you can try patterned tights with some lurex or, as many people do, go for net patterned tights or fishnets over glossy sheer tights.

  • Chrissy Matthews

    As a mature lady, I prefer the shiny, glossy superior quality of Wolford and CDR tights as opposed to matt tights. Wolford for special occasions and CDR are my new go to workwear as their shine is gorgeous at a good price and love the different tan/beige shades.

  • Steve N

    I’m a huge fan of super shiny tights. They just feel really special if you’re on a night out and want your legs to be noticed.

  • Terry Middleton

    Shiny every time for me. I go for 20 denier or higher,covers up the blemishes, which with 10 or 15 denier can spoil the look.

    My preference nowadays is for hold ups, but I do wear tights regularly, depending on what I am doing – I wear tights without undies, so go fro pairs with cotton gussets

    I love wearing Perfectly 30 by Wolford.

  • Marian

    I’m a very senior, as in have had lots of birthdays, customer. I love shines tights when the sun shines and opaque in the winter. I love Wolford and transparenze
    particularly moderately patterned tights from the latter😊😊

  • Jane Foster

    I prefer matt tights, and in a nude shade unless it’s winter when I add almost black, navy or chocolate to the colour range.

    Why matt? Shiny tights can sometimes make the wearer’s legs look like butcher’s sausages, not nice. Additionally I have an indented scar on one calf and that’s not something I want to draw attention to at all.

    I didn’t need to wear tights for work, so in previous years, come summer sunshine, my tights have stayed firmly in the sock drawer.

    • UK Tights

      Thanks for your feedback, Jane.
      Just a side note, if you want to conceal that scar, maybe a super shiny 40 denier pair, like the Wolford Neon 40 tights, will work like a charm. That if you ever feel like trying shiny tights. There’s nothing wrong with a matt look, like we say in the article 🙂

  • Alan

    shiny tights or matt tights…..they are both utterly utterly gorgeous….just soo love the best invention ever….am just a major tights sissy lover xx xx

  • Christine M

    I have a preference for shiny, glossy tights over matt tights as I am in my 50’s now and they just look super on and wear them for work most days. Fave ones are any CDR’s, Wolford ST 20 for year round wear including work and in Summer I love wearing Neon 40 as they look fab and so, so glossy and cover any blemishes and you can tell it attracts positive attention. That said there is nothing wrong with matt tights either. I also love wearing original 50’s and 60’s stockings in any classic tan, beige colour and usually have a natural shine.

    • UK Tights

      You know the good stuff, Christine! Cecilia de Rafael and Wolford are superb choices for a glossy finish and yes, they always attract positive attention, we agree. If you have never tried Platino, it’s a new brand of us and it’s got some innovative glossy tights without a waistband called Platino Cleancut we’ve just started to stock. Everyone keeps telling us how they love them!
      Thanks for your comment and Merry Christmas from all of us at UK Tights.

    • UK Tights

      Wow, Shane. We’re very impressed. We can tell you really know what you are talking about. Wolford Luxe 9 are a great example of tan ultra- sheer matt tights. Have you tried them?
      Kind regards,
      UK Tights team

  • JMCD22

    Got to be shiny tights all the way, Aristoc, Charnos are great but I also like boots glossy tights. They are a bargain price for 3 pairs.

  • Gaby

    I tried the Wolfords neon 40, they look great, however they were too glossy, I like shine but not too much. Any recommendations of other brand that helps with imperfections but still gives you a nice natural look.

  • Shanie

    As a tall man with Shapley legs. I enjoy shiny stockings and mostly pantyhose. I wear them year round. I wear them under shorts to the store. And also when I’m here at home. My wife loves seeing my legs in them and says I have VERY Shapley legs. I keep my legs shaved and use plenty of lotion to keep them smooth I don’t usually wear black ! Most of the time in n suntan or nude color. The shine from the sun looks so sexy when I’m out and about. Sometimes in a very small heel. After all being 6’2” with long legs I do t need tall heels. Even tho I do wear some taller heels at night when we are going out.

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