Looking Great With Very, Very Little

Oroblu Josette

When summer comes around, it seems to be sheer tights that get the most coverage. This is a little odd, as you put on tights to cover your legs and then pick something that, well, barely covers your legs.

So, this summer, why not go the whole nine yards and go for something that looks great but doesn’t cover much at all? I’d like to introduce Oroblu Josette, a pair of fashion socks from Oroblu. Oroblu is a brilliant designer from Italy, a place where comfortable and light garments are vital in summer.

Oroblu Josette are an amazing design, capable of adding a tremendous amount of colour and liveliness for such a small item of leg wear. This is just one way you can take your summer wardrobe to the next level with adding very little to an outfit.

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