Why Men Should Try Men’s Tights

Infographic with 5 good reasons why men should wear mens tights

Top 4 reasons why men all around the world should try tights

Not that you really need a good reason to wear tights, but if you are a man and you are considering if men’s tights are for you, here you have our list of four good reasons to give men’s tights a try.

Men’s tights keep you warm

Many of our male customers work in the building industry and they always praise men’s tights during the colder months of autumn and winter. Of course, you can wear men’s tights even if you don’t work outside. Styles like the Maxiums 100 denier tights will keep you warm this winter, whether you are working outside or chilling out at home.

100 denier mens tightsMen’s tights are cheaper by the dozen

Maximus men’s tights are much cheaper than thermal clothing, cycling pants and other outdoor weather you can find out there. And, guess what? They are just as effective!

And men’s leggings are great for exercise

Did you know that support tights can make exercise much easier? Cristiano Ronaldo is well known for training in black opaque tights in winter, but football players aren’t the only ones wearing tights for exercising. Runners, cyclists, tennis players… everyone can benefit from wearing tights while exercising.

Not only these offer support, but also provide breathability for the long workouts. Maximus Men’s 20 Denier Medium Support Tights are a very good style for men, we believe.

Men’s tights get the job done

If you have to stand up for long hours, a good pair of tights can help you finish your tasks while feeling comfortable, no matter your job.

To sum up, we can only recommend you try men’s tights for the first time if you haven’t done it yet. You won’t regret it, we promise! If you need help to put them on, you can read our guide for putting tights on and, if you want to read more, maybe check out our Hosiery guide for beginners. And, finally, don’t forget to check out the whole men’s section at UK Tights.


  • Randall Pierce

    When it comes to tights and leggins I have been wearing for years the support, warmth, feel and the way they look when wearing. I don’t wear men’s tights or leggins I buy women’s. They have more choices of colors and styles no color or style I won’t wear and they are very fashionable.

    • UK Tights

      Hi Randall,
      Thanks for your feedback. We always see traditional ‘women’s tights’ as unisex, but it’s true that many men feel that wearing tights specifically design for men helps them. There’s much more choice with the regular tights, so we wouldn’t recommend men to stick to those specifically designed for their body shape.
      Kind regards,
      UK Tights team


    An excellent idea that deserves to be developed. For my part, before the development of the internet, shops only offered women’s tights. Fortunately, some offer large sizes on certain models. I became aficianado of the Wolford brand, which I particularly appreciate the softness of their tights. In addition, some are produced in size XL, happiness for men. So I wear them every day and the best thing is to be able to walk around in nude tights and shorts during sunny days.
    They are also excellent for sports, but for cycling I prefer their low stay up version; in winter the Fatal80 seamless black model, in fine weather the Satin Touch model in caramel color.

    • UK Tights

      Hi Corsair,
      Yes, there are more brands exclusive for men these days, but also there’s more size availability, which is ideal, we believe. There’s no reason why men should wear any types of tights, as long as they fit them. We love it when we see hosiery styles in XL and XXL sizes, because it accommodates taller men, but also the curvier people.
      Thanks for your comment.
      Kind regards,
      UK Tights team

  • Dave

    Yep, I’m a guy who wears tights.

    I don’t shout it from the rooftops but if you were to ask me I would tell you that I do and that I do not have an issue with my hosiery wearing.
    I would love to wear tights with shorts but I don’t think society is quite ready yet. I do however wear leggings often, usually just simple utilitarian black cotton leggings from a supermarket and I’ve never noticed any negative reactions so in my book leggings are ok for anyone.

    I think you would find far more guys actually wear tights than you would think and I’m sure Dawn has said before that a significant percentage of her customers are men – In fact I have placed an order yesterday.

    I can’t really see the need for “men’s tights” and think manufacturers are wasting their time in making tights with a fly and other manly accouterments and giving them macho sounding names when lets face it the current offer do just fine (although making a size that’s longer in the leg and deeper in the body wouldn’t go amiss).

    So yeah, I wear tights too.


    • UK Tights

      We couldn’t love more your message, Dave.
      Thanks for your feedback and for shopping with us, of course. We always encourage manufacturers to manufacture larger sizes, rather than new whole ranges for men, but it’s good to have more to choose from, we recon.
      Thanks again.
      Kind regards,
      UK Tights team

  • AIdan

    Hello to all at UK tights and UK lingerie,
    I have never bought any of the men’s tights. The first time I wore a pair of tights was when I was about 10 years old. My sister put them on me for a laugh. At that time there were no men’s tights only women’s/ girls.
    When I decided I wanted to buy my own I went straight for the ladies tights and then evolved into hold ups and stockings with a suspender belt. I have looked at the men’s tights on your website but prefer the ladies.
    I can see that the men’s section may appeal to men who haven’t bought them before but I bet a lot would end up buying some of the sexier ladies tights.
    I think once you wear hosiery you are hooked on them. Well I am anyway.

  • Ian

    Ive worn tights most of my life. It started when I was a paperboy in the 80’s it was autumn was turning to winter and I was coming home and my legs and were freezing from riding my Bmx bike I complained to my mam and she had a bright idea and gave me a pair of her unworn tights. I was very reluctant being a young red blooded teenager and told my mam that I could never wear those! If my mates found out my life wouldn’t be worth living. So my mam being straight talking said be bloody cold then and stop whinging. My sister heard the conversation and she had a laugh and teased me a bit but said nobody would see anyway as my socks would hide them. So I reluctantly tried them on feeling very embarrassed they weren’t the most flattering of leg wear. They were dark brown and looked more like Nora battys and the waist band nearly went up to my neck but I couldn’t believe how comfortable they were, not only that strangely they made me feel great and I was liberated. They also did a great job keeping out most of the chill wind.
    From that day I was hooked, it was like a drug my little secret garment for winter time. When I was in the Army they were worn on exercise or on guard duty by then thick opaques had come out and I had them on in winter when I was in civvy street working in a drafty factory.
    I did have a bad experience when a relationship ended when she had found my few pairs of tights that I had in my sock drawer, she called me a pervert, I was weird or a tranny etc she finished me and kicked me out so in utter embarrassment I binned them all and never wore any tights for years until I took up training in the gym and cycling. Lycra shorts and tights I realised became more acceptable if you were the sporty type as long as you covered your bits and my ex wife liked me in them as well. To be fair it was her that restarted my tights affair and introduced me to stockings, but for her it was mainly for sexy fun and games ahem! Blushes! Nowadays young male models are seen wearing tights on the cat walks quite a lot they are worn under shorts or with suits with 3 1/4 trousers etc and we now have a range of men specific tights on the market I’m pleased to see. I think society on a whole is becoming more tolerable and open minded. Tights should not be a female specific garment. Why should it be females and trans lady’s be the only ones to wear such comfortable gorgeous attire?
    You will always have the narrow the narrow minded bigots and idiots around but the more men are seen wearing tights openly on a daily basis either at work or on a night etc out the more people become desensitised and see them as a fashion accessory not something pervy or seedy. The day will come when the glossy Magazines, Fashion designers and clothing retailers get their heads together to start a trend that involves tights to make the wearing of tights become mainstream it’ll also help boost the sales of the tights and stocking industry. Thank you if you have taken the time to read my little essay.
    I am pleased the say I have a long term partner she is very understanding and supports encourages my choice in clothing and supports anyones individuality or life choices as long as it doesn’t harm or hurt.
    I would like to thank all of you at UK tights and all of you like minded men and lady’s. Happy Xmas and have a prosperous new year!

  • Anonymous

    I have worn tights (pantyhose in North America) for decades and don’t really understand why they are not marketed to both men and women although some women may not like that I suppose. Tights were of course a male garment originally although since nylon was invented they seem to have become a female only item of clothing. In the early days tights were marketed to men and women but this shifted over the years to women only marketing. I have never understood, with hosiery sales plummeting in recent years, why manufacturers would exclude half the population from their marketing efforts. It is puzzling. As noted by some of the guys above, I don’t see the need for separate men’s tights as I have not found tights marketed to women as being in the least uncomfortable provided the sizing is correct. They are most supportive of the male anatomy so I have not ever purchased male specific tights. I wear tights mostly in the winter for warmth under trousers although on occasion I have worn them with shorts in the cooler summer days and nights and have had mostly complimentary comments ….mainly from women which I find very surprising. I am sure that there are quite a number of women and men that are not agreeable to a man wearing a “womens” garment but that really goes back to the public perception created by the marketing groups in company’s that relentlessly focus on female wearers. The compression stockings industry has woken up to the fact that both men and women need leg support and these items of clothing are now commonly marketed to both men and women. Perhaps they realized that the other half of the population has leg issues too. Companies like UK tights could help to persuade their suppliers that they are missing out on a huge market of tights as men’s wear. Things are changing slowly but in the meantime I shall opt for warmth and comfort above what society tells me is right or wrong.

    • UK Tights

      Thanks for your feedback and for sharing with us your experience. We believe hosiery companies are little by little changing their minds and moving towards more gender-neutral hosiery, with more size-inclusive sizes. Change is on the move! It’s a matter of time that changes (for good!).
      Kind regards,

  • Ian Foster

    Ian again
    When writing my tome I forgot to answer the question “Why should men try tights?” Well why should men wear tights? The reasons I wear them are:-they are comfortable, practicable, feel great on, they keep you warm without overheating and they could have health benefits for those with circulation issues etc they also have a great range of styles colours and thickness for all occasions and preferences. The prices range from £1 or $1.20 (which ever side side of the pond your on)? to £50 plus for top of the range tights such as Wolford.
    To be honest I’ve never spent more than a tenner on my hosiery. I still believe male specific tights are a good thing not just for the comfortable front panel or fly opening but it helps with making tights gender neutral and appealing to those men who are curious to see what these woman have been keeping to themselves for years. Now you can purchase quite masculine patterned tights I have tights with stripes I own a number of argyle pairs I have cotton/woollen tights, 7 denier run resistant tights and I even have a pair of camouflage coloured tights in my collection. I wear tights that match the weather or my outfit I’m not into flowers, bows, lace or glitter but if this your preference then happy days but I would love to make tights wearing as common as cotton socks.
    “So people“ to make our dreams come true we now have to look at the negative answers as well? they range from the following I could think of :- They are woman’s clothes! I’ll look stupid? What would my family think or god forbid my wife and kids? My legs are hairy! These are a few of the main negatives I could think of. Like I said in my previous post it has to start with the fashion industry, glossies, tabloids, media etc and prominent respected celebrities to be seen in public wearing tights. Remember David Beckham’s Sarong or Jonathan Ross in a kilt and his wife’s tights they got laughed at in the press. These institutions have the influence to change peoples attitudes and turn the most negative of folks into the very least accepting neutrals. The Tabloids and chat mags have the power to change fashions and trends on a daily basis. I tip my hat to fashion designers such as Vivienne Westwood, John Paul Gaultier and Thom Browne whose creations add tights, skirts with high heel shoes to their male ensemble but they never get passed the cat walk? Why?
    kids these days are taught a lot about diversity and acceptance to others (my daughters are so open minded) so attitudes will change for the better in years to come but I’m the wrong end of 40 and a lot of blokes my age or older where I come from are a Narrow minded bunch, reluctant to change and a bloody hard nut to crack.
    One day we will see M&S male manakins dressed in smart suits or shirts and shorts or kilt with a pair of matching tights or Charlie Stayt sitting next to Naga Munchetti on Breakfast telly wearing a suit with 3 1/4 trousers and a pair black opaques or 7 denier natural tights? That would be great wouldn’t it? It’ll be a start anyway.
    Cheers UK tights

  • Stephen

    Men gave up fancy fashion during the Great Mens Renunciation of Fashion circa 1700s.

    Largely to be taken seriously in matters of science etc plus part of the outcomes from the French revolution. Normal people didnt want to be confused with posh people in France so dressed down. Easier to keep your head. The idea spread. Beau Brummel had a lot to do with the changes in the UK.

    So as women can now be taken seriously in matters of science and wear what they want. The French revolution was a long time ago. Beau Brummel died a long while ago. And im utterly bored to death with mens ‘fashion’ ( there isnt any). Can we not now reverse this terrible mistake and have some decent interesting clothes to wear that let us express ourselves using colour texture cut tailoring and yes even tights?

    We need someone ( the Brummel undoer) like David Beckham to champion this. If you follow marketing adoption lifecycle. Innovators, early adopters, (the chasm) early majority, late majority, laggards. We’re in the innovator to early adopter phase of adoption of tights for men. To cross the cross the chasm and get to mainstream you generally have someone people trust to lead the way. Like beau brummel did with trousers and shirts and ties. He has a lot to answere for!

  • Glen

    I’m a man who has been wearing tights for years, for the last few years openly. I wear them as part of my regular male outfit. I do wish the hosiery companies would go for more unisex branding and marketing, it would surely enhance their sales to the male market which is 50% of an untapped population. I wear them because I tried them out of curiosity many years ago, realised I liked them so wore them regularly. It’s never been an issue with my partners or my current wife because I’ve never hidden it or made a big issue out of it.

  • Martin

    Hi, I don’t see the need for men’s tights. I am six foot tall and wear charnos xl opaque tights in the winter. Starting at 30 denier then 60 and just bought 100 denier. I wear them throughout the winter for warmth. I also wear them [60/100] for gym work. For me, they are just tights and indispensable. Although my wife does think I look like the old milk tray man when I wear a black top as well. I had an old mate who was a roofer who introduced me to the idea and once I got over the feeling of being weird I just fell in love with them. You don’t have to be a transvestite to wear tights. I think if it was more openly discussed more men would wear them. Underneath jeans and with socks, they seem to last forever.

    • UK Tights

      Hi Martin,
      Thanks for sharing with us your opinion and your experience. If you are wearing regular tights already, keep on doing it. Our post aims to reach all those men who still don’t feel like tights are a possibility for them. There’s nothing wrong with wearing tights, as you say. We totally agree.
      Kind regards,
      UK Tights team

  • Dave

    There seems to be quite a bit of response to this blog post and I would take from this that there are a lot of men who wear tights whether that be overtly or covertly. I’m also sure that only a small proportion of the male readers of this blog will have added a reply so the numbers of male tights wearers are sketchy but research shows we are a large minority.
    My advice to anyone who has thought of trying tights would be to do a bit of homework to find your right size and go for it, you’ll either love them and never want to stop wearing or be ambivalent and wont care either way – I tried once and have never looked back.
    Try em guys – I promise you’ll love them – life is too short not too, and if you don’t like tights there are always loads of leggings to try.

    Just go for it!!!


    • UK Tights

      Thanks for your words, Dave. Our male customers aren’t a minority but around 40%-45% of our customers. Now, we think we have more male readers on the blog, probably because we never judge anyone and many men feel that they can express themselves what sometimes they cannot discuss in person with their peers. We are glad many of you offer such good advice. As you say, it’s vital to know what’s your size of hosiery. This is important for women as well; many women say they find tights uncomfortable but then, they wear 2 sizes smaller than they should. Thanks again for your nice words.
      Kind regards,
      UK Tights team

  • Peter

    I was introduced to tights at the age of 7 when I was told to wear a green pair for a school play. I think I was some kind of elf. I was gutted at the end when I had to hand them back to the teacher.

    Throughout my childhood I had moments of rediscovering how much I love tights followed by periods of guilt, denial and pushing it to the back of my mind.

    I am very lucky that I eventually found my wife and she is very accepting of it, she even buys me tights to cheer me up sometimes.

    As for men’s tights I have seen them on the website but they do not appeal to me. There is little choice compared to the massive choice available for women and they just don’t seem as nice. Some of the more high end tights for women are made of such exquisite material. For me it all comes down to the material, colour, smoothness and feel against the skin.

    If some men need the reassurance that they are buying tights made for men then that’s fine but I relish the fact that the ones I wear were marketed for women.

    • UK Tights

      Dear Peter,
      Thanks for sharing your story with us. We are glad you have a supportive family. As we mention in the post, we don’t believe that tights are only suitable for women. We are truly happy to find more and more people open to see tights as a genderless garment. Feel free to share with us what are your favourite hosiery brands or styles!
      Kind regards,
      UK Tights team

  • Allison

    I have been wearing tights since 1970 and enjoy the warmth, comfort and feel. I have never actually worn “men’s” tights as I have found women’s tight perfectly adequate.

    In recent years I have also started to wear hold-ups which are a lot more convenient!

    January 1st 2020 saw a major change. I “crossed the road” and became Allison so wearing tights and hold-ups is no longer done covertly and now enjoy more colours, styles and deniers.

    My favorites? Trasparenze – Extremely well made, stylish and feel wonderful


    • UK Tights

      Dear Allison,
      Trasparenze are a great brand of hosiery. Not only they have wonderful designs, but also that particular scent and smooth touch you can appreciate when you take your new pair of tights out of its box. It’s difficult to define, but if you are a fan of Trasparenze, we’re sure you know what it’s like.
      Thanks for sharing with us your thoughts and your story. We wish you all the best in your new life, Allison 🙂
      Kind regards,
      UK Tights team

  • Matthew

    I am a tights lover I wear 100% nylon smooth knit tights as these feel the best and most comfortable.Anyone who likes very sheer tights try and find some 5 denier 100% nylon ones theirs a thew I’ve had the last ones were Christian Dior pretty polly used to make them not anymore definitely the thinnest tights I’ve ever had they are rare

  • kevin

    i started to wear tights at the age of 7 , my mum used to let me and my brother dress up ln them, i could take or leave it then, then mum and dad split up and i lived wit my dad in the marital home, i found some tights in a drawer and because i was missing mum i would wear the tights making me feel closer to mum, i are now 59 years old wear tights every day , i always wear womens tights as they always tend to be cheaper than mens tights, i recently purchased maximus mens tights 2 pair pack 40 denier, for £6.90 to be honest i cant tell the difference between the womens and the Mens tights, In my opinion we need the media to get behind men wearing tghts , and for it to be more aceptable , many thanks to u.k, tights and all your support, keep up the good work.

    • UK Tights

      Dear Kevin,
      Thanks for sharing your memories with us. We hope wearing tights still brings you good memories of your mum. Thanks for your feedback and support. We hope we can keep doing our bit to help break the unwritten rule that men aren’t allowed to wear tights.
      UK Tights team

  • Simon

    Great to see this blog here and the comments.
    I wear tights most days, they are comfortable, the thicker ones are warm and I like the patterns.

  • Steve

    Having got soaked in the rain whilst walking the dog for the 2nd time today, changed out of my jeans into shorts and black 100D tights.
    Had to go into the supermarket for a few things and guess what – no one noticed, nothing bad happened.
    No one commented, no one took any notice.
    On this rainy day, I am more comfortable, drying out quicker and actually wondering what all the fuss is about!
    As you walk around, you see more and more men with some sort of leggings on under shorts, not forgetting the lycra cyclists.
    As I get older, I am becoming more confident about wearing tights openly, you still have to pick your occasions, which is a shame as ultimately, it is only an item of clothing, a bit of fabric!
    Doesn’t matter if they are “men’s tights” or “Women’s tights” – find ones that suit you from both a visual and comfort perspective and go from there at your own pace!

    There is no need to wear tights all the time – wear them when it suits you to do so.

    • UK Tights

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us, Steve. We’re glad you have found the confidence to wear what you want when you want. It’s a great story. Your comment made our day 🙂
      Kind regards,
      UK Tights team

  • Steve

    I guess I am lucky – my girlfriend on occasions, as recently as last week has started to borrow MY tights!

  • Kevin

    I thought I would add a comment on this blog as it seems quite a recent/current discussion, where as most you find are fairly old ones. I do at times type in my search box, normally something like “Can men wear tights” or something similar, in the hope that I see something that “at last” normalises the wearing of tights for men.
    I love wearing tights, I’ve worn them for years, but only recently I’ve started wearing them with shorts out and about. At first it’s scary! You think everyone is looking at you, and if you see someone looking and smiling, you think they’re mocking you. It’s Paranoia, they really aren’t. I started with tan tights last summer under shorts, went to York, Harrogate, Ripon over a week, and nobody took any notice. In Autumn half term I went to Blackpool with my wife and two boys and had 60 denier blue opaque tights under blue dress shorts. Nobody cared. If you can masculinise the look, I was wearing blue trainers to match the look, it definitely works. I say anybody thinking wearing openly, just do it, style it right and you will pull it off.

  • William

    Hi I love the feeling of wearing tights and womens tights will always be the ones for me i also wear stockings and suspenders and hold ups and actually prefer these to tights as it makes it more practical in these to go to the bathroom etc.ive worn Scince I was a teenager was introduced to them when my sister dressed me up as a witch to go out trick or treating with her and I loved the look and feeling of my legs in them and of course the warmth and I was hooked .I’ve never tried male tights but for me I’m happy with womens tights and stockings inc fishnets
    Like the others have said I think all tights should be gender neutral and should be promoted this way by the manufacturers after all they are only clothing at the end if the day

  • Iain

    They’re comfortable and warm during winter, and they’re good for circulation. Everyone has their own opinion, and you should be okay with that. It’s your life, so nut-up and live it the way you want to. Clothes are clothes, nothing more.

  • Chris

    I’ve been a tights wearer for over 20 years now purely for practical reasons. They are one of the most amazing garments ever produced by mankind & I feel most men are missing out because of the stigma attached to men wearing what is essentially a female garment. Firstly, I have no desire to wear any other form of female clothing so I’m no transvestite & I don’t advertise the fact I’m wearing them by donning shorts etc. I first started wearing tights when I used to ride motorcycles. Tight fitting one piece leather suits worn for protection were a nightmare to pull on, especially over the legs on hot sticky days. A friend who was also a motorcyclist, told me to try a pair of tights as a base garment under the leathers. He claimed that they would make it easier to pull the leathers on & wick away any sweat on hot days not to mention keeping warm on cooler riding days. At first I was sceptical & thought he had some fetish but I felt they were worth trying. So I purchased a pair of 30 denier opaque black tights & bingo, he was so right, I wore tights under my leather suit every time thereafter. Although I don’t ride motorcycles anymore, I still continue to wear tights from a practical standpoint, they are so comfortable & versatile. Since getting older, I now favour support tights around 20 denier, they are great for increasing circulation in my lower legs where I have problems & I’ve recently taken to wearing 10 denier nude knee highs in the warmer summer months, so much more comfortable that thick men’s socks in those conditions & they are virtually invisible so why not?
    It’s a real shame that the vast majority of the male population are missing out on this simple but amazing garment, I will continue to wear my hosiery & reap the many benefits & would urge any man to give them a go just to experience what you are missing, you never know, you may see the practical side of tights & continue to wear them.

  • Lucky067

    I have lots of women tights and leggings cos it fit me prefect. I wear leggings every day cos it so comfortable than trousers so it time for men to wear leggings and tights more.. it future as need change as past is old as outdated.. nerd big change for the future.. i wear black tights and wonen denim shorts dungarees as well. It just clothes

  • jBIRD

    I have been wearing Leggings (footless compression) for 15+ years north central USA starting out searching for a thin light weight alternative to the horrible waffle long johns that I hated since youth. On cooler days I wore active support pantyhose under my jeans when riding motorcycle and footless Leggings when hiking. Leggings became a regular part of my wardrobe and has remained ever since. In the past ten years I have been wearing Leggings with hiking style shorts and in the last five years have taken up bicycle and wearing short running shorts over my Leggings anywhere I go. I have not personally heard any negative comments about me, a guy wearing Leggings a few questions what why but nothing negative.
    I am a curious research person and always seeking information so I looked up Leggings for men and found there are about 60 different companies manufacturing Leggings marketed to men. In this year 2020 with so many companies making Leggings for every reason every activity and every man in the world it is us men who need to step up buy the Leggings wear the Leggings and share your Leggings adventure stories so other men don’t feel like you do or did about being judged by people who couldn’t care less what you are wearing as long as you are wearing something.

  • David Hgen

    What is the problem with men wearing tights? I really don’t understand why some people take offence at men wearing tights, I wear tights all the time for comfort and warmth, though I don’t usually wear them in summer unless it’s really cold. Clothes are clothes, wear what you like and what you feel comfortable in. I wear tights with my ordinary shoes and it is so much more comfortable than wearing socks, nobody has ever commented or said anything negative to me, who cares anyway. Hosiery manufacturers and retailers should try to break down the barrier that stops men from wearing tights, it would double their market. Having said that, I can’t really see the point in buying man tights as there are so many types of tights already available. Sell tights as a perfectly acceptable unisex item of clothing which in my view is what they are.

  • Cedric

    Despite being really tall (6’5″) I find tights that fit me in the “female” models from brands such as Wolford, Falke and Oroblu. What I actually really wish is to see male models wearing the products in a casual daily-wear way. Just like any other piece of clothing, without anything else implied. Plain and simple. I’m afraid tights will otherwise never be democratized for men. I don’t know which of retailers such as UK tights, female bloggers or brands are better suited for that…

  • Geoff Whittaker

    I have been wearing tights for years I have many pairs usually black opaque. I would also love to wear them under shorts or even a skirt but hey ho don’t think the worlds ready for that yet I am currently wearing a 100 denier opaque pair under my jeans . Shame my wife isn’t understanding

  • George

    What would be great is seeing some of the pictures in the shop with mixed pictures of both male and female models – where possible. It’s okay posting an article in a blog… act on what you’ve said in the past comments in the shop, which is ultimately where it counts?

  • Joachim

    I know this article is old, but it’s still commented, so I think it’s proper.
    I’ll be as precise as I can with short history. I wore tights both in Poland 🇵🇱 (where I’m from) and Germany 🇩🇪. These are 2 difffffferent worlds. I was 10 when I was in Munich during my winter break (this was somewhere in Dec 1997). It was cold there, I felt real cold (-15 degrees centigrade) and heating system was down. So I had to buy a pair of tights because I left all the pairs in POL. I wore them somewhere in Munich where I had fun with slot cars. I was among many girls and 3 boys. No one laughed there! Moreover, everyone was wearing tights over there! I felt warm and was proud of myself. It was amazing then, but I think nothing has changed.
    But Poland is weird in this case because both boys and girls laugh when boys wear tights. I don’t understand this. I wore tights somewhere in a mountainous area of southern Poland. Then everyone was laughing; I felt… weird. Worse than in DEU\GER! I wanted to feel warm. It still continues for unknown reasons.
    I don’t know exactly, but I suppose Czechia and Slovakia are more tolerant (like Germany) in this case. I wasn’t there yet, but I think I’ll go there some time. Even Russia seems to see no problems in
    wearing tights both by girls and boys. But why does it cause laugh in POL? It shouldn’t.
    I’m still wearing tights when I go to north-eastern parts of Poland because it’s cooooold up there during winters. I’ve travelled to many other parts of POL through many years, but it has never been a bad decision. I’m almost 33 now, but it actually doesn’t matter.

  • Dominic McGregor

    I don’t know how I found this blog, but I like it. I’m a male, 29, and I live in California where it never really gets that cold. But I wear tights because I love fashion! Some outfits with short pants just don’t look right with bare legs! I wore a black blazer, black turtleneck, black wool shorts (7″ inseam), black & white houndstooth tights by Cecilia de Rafael, and shiny black Ferragamo boot shoes to a party, and I was a hit. So, wear your tights whenever and wherever you want, just make sure you look fabulous!!

  • Char

    So then guys why do we wear them? Is it some guys just see the benefits and have no emotion. Others find it a turn on and thrill… only answer if you’re honest!! For me i have dressed from a very early age and for me it’s a thrill, but they’re comfy, benefit my cycling but only wear when I have the urge. I love going out buying new sexier the better and I have got a decent pair of legs.. her it out there get them modelled by male and female and guys will be more at ease for buying

  • Kevin

    Can I just comment on some of these posts. It might be a thrill for some men, and that’s fine, but for anyone thinking of trying tights openly under trousers for warmth or with shorts for fashion or simply just to be different, would be potentially put off when reading some of the posts in this thread mentioning, ‘preferring stockings and suspenders to tights because they’re more practical. Or mentioning the silky and sexy feel and look. Or even worse, wearing them with a long shirt’. Please stop! This is pure fetishism, and quite frankly is NOT helping normalise the wearing of tights for men, and is never going to do so with these dumb posts. I like wearing jeans, but I don’t say, ‘especially the tight ones, the denim feels so sexy on my skin’. Seriously guys, if we want tights to be a normal, unisex garment that can be enjoyed by all, stop typing posts with one hand down your pants. Oh, and one more small gripe I have, (not with people on here, but with retailers) Stop calling them women’s tights, just advertise them as ‘Tights’, simple. Ps, just been food shopping in A**A with a black jumper, beige shorts, black 60 denier opaques and black trainers. Nobody was bothered, the look worked. Experiment with different looks and colours/deniers etc, it’s fun not to have the same boring look as most other blokes. Go for it!

  • Mick barnards

    I first wore tights on long haul flights back in the day . now I wear them everywhere. some people don’t like them but it doesn’t bother me. Out and proud I say . all this talk of wearing under garments or shorts over I just wear the tights . not compression or fancy just the simple ones mainly from womens range. nylon elastane lycra and they feel great and support. like a thin pair of panty hose they breath and also warm you in winter. girls love us guys in these and I get hundreds of stares and even ogling . positive comments even a few whistles.

  • Geoff Whittaker

    Some great blogs on here , hopefully one day it will be accepted for men to wear what we want .
    I have been wearing them since I was a teenager which is many moons ago. I like the feeling and the warmth they provide. I have many pairs usually opaque as I find these don’t ladder as easily I tend to ladder the thinner ones to easily.

  • Kevin

    I’ve been wearing tights for many years, recently I purchased some wolford tights, from U. K. tights of course, they were expensive more than what I usually spend on tights, but they feel great and they last, I find with cheaper tights the heal tends to wear out, but I haven’t found this problem with the wolford tights, so I will be ordering some more, thanks U. K. Tights for your continued help and support.

  • Graham Bell

    I have Been Wear women tights now for about 6 yaers and they keep me very warm in the winter time and I feel great on me they are cheaper to buy get out of asda or tesco or pemark…. wear 40 & 60 denier tights pemark and tesco and asda.. and wear 100 Denier 3D tights us to get in primark not seen them now for Long time and waer 80 denier and 100 Denier Velvet touch tights of sainsbury’s

    wear under my trousers…and I don’t have any problem due buy them no one say anything to me…out lot in the winter time…feel cold on my Legs…..

  • Ray Plant

    Should men wear tights? Absolutely! and you guys at UK tights have 4 good reasons for doing so, but there is a 5th. I know, as a man, that I speak for many men that our fashion is appalling and hasn’t changed since the seventies with t shirts, polo shirts trousers/jeans and shorts with some sportswear being the norm and suits, shirts and ties that style back to the 1930’s. How nice it would be to get up in the morning and instead of reaching for our trousers, we pull on a pair of tights with shorts or kilt for a change and go to work without giving it a second thought because societal norms no longer judge us and tights are seen fully gender neutral. After all, it wouldn’t be an issue if women wore men’s boxer shorts under their skirts so why can’t men do the same thing? Having thought about this issue, I believe there are many people who think that tights are so uncomfortable and so unwieldy to wear that a man CANNOT be wearing them for comfort and therefore tights MUST be an item of sexual fetish for him which is responsible for men wearing tights covertly. But this isn’t true at all, tights ARE comfortable for men and women if you get the right size, style and denier and if any guys reading this blog are curious about wearing tights, my advice is go for it! They really are great to wear!

  • Guy

    Tight have been a part of my wardrobe for 25 years or so, they are less bulky than traditional thermals, dead comfortable, and look great. And many hoisery companies are now using male models in adverts ect. But its been said many times about the stigma of a man wearing tights because people think tights are for women! That’s changed now. They should be unisex, and men should wear them openly and not get laughed at, I wear thick opaque tights under shorts alot and only had nice comments.
    Hosiery companies need to get the mens out there in their tights and make it normal.

  • Mick barnards

    I think there is allot of discussion about tights and seems to be a little on the defensive side. I like my tights and wear them every where . sure I get looked at and there are giggles and whispers staring and even comments also laughter . It all goes with the territory . be brave and out and proud ( literally) . modesty is cringe worthy just be a man and you have man bits and the bigger the bulge the better I say. girls come up and talk to me and chat it is a conversation starter. time to give the ladies something to look at and admire. I have had times when I have had a hard time some days and I love it all. sports exhibitionism isn’t only the domain of women who parade around in see through stockings and thongs allowing us to get inspired to run faster and keep up as it were so to speak.

  • Chris R

    Enjoyed reading the comments on this thread. Have always been envious of the range and variety of clothing women can wear. I had young experience of wearing tights for fancy dress and just couldn’t fathom why boys weren’t allowed to wear all of the time. So pleased that running tights and leggings are accepted for men. My wife is cool with me wearing leggings and sports running tights at home. I mostly buy women’s as they are cheaper and more choice. The really thick pairs of actual tights (300 Denier from Asda) are also great, I have a few pairs of those. Let’s keep wearing those leggings men!

  • Emily

    The question was: “why men should wear tights?” The reason for all of us who do, is we want to. There are many reasons why we want to and that’s of course ok. I am in the crossdressing group, but even this group is very diverse. I love making myself feminine and started wearing tights when I was 9 or 10 years old. I know I have a strong feminine streak and some feminine mannerisms – so men’s tights don’t interest me, but fabulous colourful opaques, polka dot tights, sheer lace top stockings etc. etc. all do. I am really glad that attitudes have significantly changed towards the LGBTQ+ community so there is less fear in our community. UKTights are playing their part in this in accepting and encouraging us. Thanks too for the amazing range – I love the website!

  • Dave

    I’ve had a thing for tights for years. Going backwards, I wear them too this day, for warmth and comfort,I work outside in all weather and that determines what I’ll wear either 100 denier upto 800 denier. I’ve been wearing them for 10 years or so. When I met my now wife she was training to be a nurse, and there you go uniform with tights. I’d do the washing at the end of the week and I’d pull one leg through the other and that got me back into the tights from when I was a kid. Where am I now, not sure , I do like wearing them for my warmth and pleasure . My wife understands why I wear the thicker ones for work, how can I explain the thinner ones?

  • Emily

    Good to stop and pause – you value your relationship and its important to be careful how far you go in your desire to wear tights. For me crossdressing has a strong addictive element – even looking at this site is addictve, but I avoid doing things that would lead me away from my partner. Every step I take on my own would be a step away from her. I do buy her lovely tights, but would not wear hers. Respecting her is at the heart of what I try to do – she knows I crossdress, but I don’t push it. If you want to confess what is the motivation? For her benefit or yours? There are always opportunities to be open if you think that would be safe – so you wear opaques because who prefer how they feel. Perhaps your wife is quite thoughtful and perceptive – you choose to wear tights and not thermals, you do the joint washing, maybe she quietly suspects. Finally, value all the things about your life so don’t put wearing tights at the centre of the relationship – there will be no room for your precious wife.

  • Anonymous

    I know this is an old post however, my story…

    Sadly, I lost my “male equipment” to cancer when I was in my early 20’s. Ever since, I’ve worn womens tights for cycling, under my trousers. I just find that they fit me a lot better than mens tights. However, I lost two friends recently, when they discovered I wear womens tights. Such closed minded people.

    Tights are warm, especially 60D+.

    One problem I do have, always, is working out if they will fit me. Womens tights are sized differently to mens trouser sizes. Could you perchance publish some kind of guide for men who want womens tights, to choosing the correct size? So I can stop taking pot-luck.

  • Jamie

    How do you know if you are buying men’s tights or women’s pantyhose. I bought on line men’s pantyhose from YourThreads which advertise there pantyhose as unisex. The pantyhose actually fit OK but they fit the same as any other women’s pantyhose or tights. When I did some research on this pair of Threads sheer to the waist pantyhose it turns out they are imported from Italy. It turns out that the manufacturer of these tights only make tights for women. The founder of Threads found out it was easy to more then double their sales by marketing their women’s pantyhose as unisex and the men fell for this like crazy. If you read the reviews on the Threads web site there are more reviews from men buying women’s pantyhose then there are ladies. If you want to believe your buying what sales people are referring to unisex pantyhose then you might as well just buy from your local pharmacy.

  • Emily

    These two last comments reveal just how strong the fear of being thought effeminate remains. But all strength to our friend above who suffered from life changing cancer and faced the intolerance from cycling friends when they discovered he crossed the line by wearing women’s tights. It’s sad, but their action says everything about the value of their friendship – there are much better friends out there. I agree with his comment about having perhaps more advice about sizing, for example, I don’t buy holdups because the larger sizes don’t stay up on my thinnish long legs – are some brands better? Jamie’s comment reveals how many men need tights to be labelled unisex or male giving them permission to wear – a fact at he heart of Threads successful marketing. So a gentle request to the great people at UKTights – an article about sizing for male wearers.

  • Mick barnards

    I find panty hose are fantastic for both warmth and cooling in summer. If women can wear these with a short skirt in winter then I think that tells us the thermal qualities are up to scratch. I just love the feel and the way they hold the muscles and are a second skin. I jog in these and often get looks and even whistles and clapping . It is the subject of much admiration and big smiles. I am able to sastiate my sports exhibitionist tendencies and get the attention I crave and a work out. nothing under or over just a longer singles or jacket .

  • Nige

    As a man and a long time wearer of tights I find the sizing of tights to be strange and unpredictable. For example, tights cover the body from waist to toes and yet the sizing guides all go on overall height from head to toes. Someone may be 5’10” tall yet have 30” inside leg whereas another person of the same height has a 27” inside leg. That’s a 3” (8cm) difference. Why can’t sizes be based on leg length – either inside leg or floor to hip/waist?
    And why do I wear tights? They are practical – warm in the cooler months, they help to support my legs, oh and of course I love the way they feel. Just because I’m a man doesn’t mean that I don’t appreciate the feel of nice things against my skin. I wear them under jeans and trousers when I’m out and about, and I wear them with shorts at home. My wife doesn’t mind, and she occasionally gives my legs a little rub (lol). I also wear thicker leggings under shorts for cycling. Let’s face it – tights may be a predominantly female item of clothing now but they were actually invented way back when for men.
    Thanks UKTights for the good service, for being supportive of us guys who wear and for letting us share our thoughts and stories.

  • BtsBantan

    I am a guy and love wearing skirts and tights, even when out in public. I think tights should be unisex, some peoples legs are enhanced by wearing tights, irrespective of gender. Please see my TikTok video of me wearing burgundy tights at our local church.

  • Martin

    I usual wolford tights cos it my favour brand and it really so softy and very comfortable. I wear all times cos it very comfortable and wear shorts and went out for long cycles.. feel good. I will buy some more later.

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