Monkey Business

It’s been a problem that’s plagued women since the invention of the heel. Men can’t understand it, women can’t avoid it, and it will never stop. I’m talking about that most terrible curse… achy feet!

Well… men can understand aching feet, but not the high-heel kind of aching feet. Even I, blogger extraordinaire and reviewer of ladies leg wear, can’t quiet get what you mean, when you say “my feet are falling off!”

But never fear! Your feet are safe with us.

Shoe Monkeys, the innovative new product from Levante. An easy to apply foot cushion you just pop in your high heels and… problem solved.

But it’s not just the comfort I’m going bananas about (… sorry). Its also how specialised the product is. With Shoe Monkeys, you don’t have one large pad in your shoe, you can get them in a heel cushion variety and a toe cushion variety seperately, so if its only your heel that’s giving you attitude, just get yourself the Shoe Monkey Heel Cushion and you’re sorted!

UK Tights is always the place for choice, so we were very glad Levante decided to make this item like they did. Also, as cushions go, having a large pad can be a little invasive, and very hard to hide with certain shoes, but Levante’s inventive solution puts this problem to rest.

So, it seems that one more leg-related puzzle solved! If you’ve found this advice invaluable, then subscribe to my blog for free by email, or if you know someone with terribly achy feet, forward this marvelous article on to them.

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