False Myths About Tights You Need To Stop Believing

There are too many urban legends and false myths about tights out there. You surely must have heard people claiming that they can’t stand tights or they prefer not to wear them because they are not comfortable to wear. We are here to help unveil those false myths about tights. What’s true? What’s just an urban legend? Keep reading to find out!

False Myth No 1: Tights are uncomfortable to wear


If you are reading this post, you already know it isn’t true that all tights are uncomfortable. This is the most extended false myth about tights by far. We aren’t saying that any tights you buy will automatically feel like a second skin, just like any pair of shoes won’t neccessarily fit you. That’s why buying the right pair and the right size for you is vital.

  • When your tights slip down: This usually happens when your tights are worn off, especially with budget hosiery brands (you’ll rarely see this in a pair of Wolfords, for instance). If your brand new tights slip down, you probably got the wrong size. Either they are too short for you or the waistband is too tight/to loose to stay in place.
  • When your tights feel uncomfortable in the toes: That means you should buy a size bigger, as those tights are probably too short for you. Sometimes this issue is related to the previous one we’ve discussed. When your tights are too short for you, they slip down. As you notice this and to prevent them from rolling down, you’ll pull your tights over and over. After a few hours, your toes will start to dig into your tights (particularly your big toe) and ruin your tights. We hate when this happens, that’s why we always ask our customers to get the right size. Remember every hosiery brand has different sizing and you should always double check that you’re getting the right for your height and weight. Having the right size will make a huge difference!
  • When your tights feel itchy: You should look at the composition of the item. Maybe try a similar product in a different brand. Some brands offer natural fibre hosiery, manufactured using skin-friendly materials, such as cashmere or cotton. Some people with sensitive skin find nylon too itchy. It is always a good idea to hand-made wash your tights with a soft neutral wash (such as Wolford wash, Soak wash or, even any neutral soap you have at home).

False Myth No 2: Pregnant women cannot wear tights

This is absolutely false. We’ve discussed in a previous post here, at the UK Tights blog. If you are a mum-to-be, check out our specific post, where we discuss the False Myths About Maternity Tights.

False Myth No 3: Only slim women can wear tights

Glamory Satin Matt 20 Tights for Curvy Women
Glamory Satin Matt 20 Tights, available up to size UK 36

This is absolutely false. We have tights for the tall, for the short, for the slender and for the curvy people, but also for all women and men. Yes, many men also wear tights.

If you are after a pair of plus size tights, you have a few great brands, such as Glamory or Cette, but also most of the brands we stock have considered every person has a different body shape.

So, Pretty Polly, Trasparenze and Charnos, amongst others, have specific ranges for plus size hosiery, and other brands, such as Wolford, Silky, Miss Naughty or Cecilia de Rafael, manufacture their hosiery in X-Large, XX-Large, etc.

False Myth No. 4: All tights are easy to ladder

Couture Ultimates Elizabeth Tights

Are you a tights-destroyer? You’re not alone. Some people seem to be unable to wear a good pair of sheer tights without destroying them. Other times it’s our new pair of shoes what ruins our hosiery.

Eg. when your boots have a side zip that keeps digging into your tights until they’re ruined. Or those summer sandals that ladder any tights under 10 denier you dare to wear.

We do hate when this happens, but, unfortunately all that’s left for us to do is avoiding all those situations. For instance, be careful with any velcros, avoid crossing your legs (as you can pull your tights with your shoes without even realising), etc. If you have a cat or a dog, try change clothes before playing with your pets.

You can also get yourself some ladder-resist tights (also known as run-resist or ladder proof tights), which are not completely indestructible but won’t run even if you make a hole on them. Some opaque styles are very difficult to ladder. We’ve tried it with the Couture Ultimates range and we didn’t manage to ladder them; not even when we tried on purpose!

A quick last-minute tip to avoid a run totally ruining your tights is to apply a little bit of transparent nail polish around the whole as soon as it happens. This will prevent the ladder from extending.

Other false myths about tights and misconceptions:

We get asked about this a lot and we can absolutely confirm: There’s no such thing as tights without a seam on the toes. They simply don’t exist. If you find them, please, let us know and we’ll buy tons of them. The closest you can go is these Pierre Mantoux ultra sheer tights with an under-toe seam, which our customers find very comfortable, judging for the 5 stars they’ve given them.

About the 2 denier tights: Some customers have asked us in the past why they keep seeing 2 denier tights out there, but we don’t sell them. The truth is, 5 denier is the lowest most manufacturers go (many of them actually don’t manufacture any hosiery under 7-8 denier). So, if you see 2 denier tights, make sure they don’t come with the word ‘appearance’ attached.

You’ll find many sheer tights that have an ultra-sheer appearance (good quality brands and budget brands). After all, what’s wrong with buying a pair of thicker (and, hence, more durable) tights that look and feel like ultra sheer tights?

Do you need us to solve any questions about hosiery? Do you know of any other false myths or misconceptions we should clarify? Leave your questions in the comments below and we’ll add them to this list!



  • randy

    Very informative for those that don’t know great article. Myself being a avid pantyhose and tights wearer I knew all these I pride myself in knowing everything there is to know. The fit the feel the look being matte to ultra glossy the denier to many times I see women buying any ole pair they say you get what you pay for don’t expect to get quality out of $1 or $3 pair not going to happen. Is a shame when a man such as myself knows more about hosiery than 90+% of women do.

  • Gwen Andrews

    I hate tights that hold in too tightly at the waist even though they are supposedly the right size. I cannot wear them.

    • UK Tights

      Hi Gwen, have you tried low-waist tights, instead? Or even tights without a waistband! Cecilia de Rafael has manufacturing tights without a waistband and we cannot keep them on the shelves! They’re super popular!

  • corsair

    Congratulations for this article that has the great merit of breaking his false ideas on tights. As a man I love wearing tights everyday. It’s Wolford pantyhose that feels unique, perfect

  • Andy

    Do you think tights should be worn with or without underwear? I think that it’s a nonsense to use them with panties, as they have been invented to have a combined function to be both panties and stockings (in Spanish, for instance, the word for pantyhose/tights is “pantymedia”, that is “panty” for panties and “medias” for socks).
    I know that many ladies would be horrified by this statement, but I’m quite sure that the cotton gusset would do its job properly and irritates less skin (many panties are made out of syntetic material as for tights, so…). As for a man using pantyhoses, I never use underwear with tights and I haven’t ever had problems of infections whatsoever; sometimes for a more comfortable use I can put boxer over the tights. What do you experts think about this issue?

    • UK Tights

      Thanks for your comment, Andy. The answer is: wear them as you want! We think it’s a matter of personal taste. They can be worn with or without underwear; both are totally acceptable. Many of our customers wear them with or without depending on the style, too. You don’t have to decide for one and stick to it. Just like you, we always recommend wearing tights with cotton gusset if you’re going to wear tights without underwear.

  • Vincent Dunn

    Tights I love them. I’ve come across the above comments before and they just make me laugh. Tights are designed and meant to be worn and to be honest they are the most comfortable item of clothes I wear even under jeans and trousers, if you don’t believe me buy some that fit though this may take a few attempts as every brand seems to be different in sizing but when you find the right ones stick with them you won’t be dissapointed.

  • Anonymous

    I have worn tights for years.Great for working out.They have gotten much more sheer over the past thirty plus years.They have become a great alternative to pantyhose.They are still priced a little too high.

  • Hans

    And another myth, men in general don’t wear tights. Just look at the comments and you will notice that a lot of men likes to wear tights or pantyhose. It feels wonderful and soft on your legs. I love it ! And as Randy sais… Men who are wearing them knows – in general – much more about it than women. Thanks to UK tights to open this topic and for breaking this taboo.

    • UK Tights

      Totally! Do you know what we’ve noticed, too? Many women don’t really enjoy wearing tights only because they’ve been forced to wear them all their life (think of a flight attendant or girls at school wearing tights as part of their uniform). Men who wear tights have chosen to wear them.
      We’re always happy to break taboos! Thanks for your support, Hans!
      UK Tights team

  • Chris

    It seems that there are many myths about tights, but the main objection from woman would appear to be about comfort. I wear tights/pantyhose everyday and find them extremely comfortable. It is all about finding the correct size and a brand that you like.

    My favourite brand are Oroblu (both for price and quality) and in particular Sensual 13 & 30, and Club 15. They feel fabulous (especially on smooth legs) and glide well under jeans or trousers. My wife also shares these with me, although I wear them more than her!!

    When possible I also like to wear tights with shorts, but have to be a lot more selective about which ones to wear and do find it difficult to find tights that look and feel good, that are also nearly invisible!! Many look invisible, until you wear them in the sunshine!! The best I have found so far are Cecilia de Rafael, Fusion Summer tights…….but obviously not in black, lol!

    Any other suggestions are welcome! Have been buying from UK Tights for many years now…….thanks for your great service.


    • UK Tights

      Thanks for your fantastic feedback, Chris. We’re thrilled to know your wife and you have been supporting us for many years. Thanks!
      We totally agree with you. Comfort is a huge issue for many people. If you’re after a bare-leg look, try matt finish or, even, slightly sheen, instead of glossy ones. Your Oroblu’s favourites are some of our best-selling styles (that cannot be a coincidence!)
      Cecilia de Rafael Fusion Summer Tights are a great choice. Here you have a large selection, too:
      If budget isn’t an issue, we’d go for Fogal All Nude 10 Tights or any of Wolford’s styles (Nude 8, Luxe 9, Sheer 15… so many good choices!). The Kunert Fresh Up 10 Tights are really good, too.
      We hope this helps! Thanks for your fantastic feedback
      UK Tights team

    • UK Tights

      Nothing else, really 🙂
      Every fan of tights out there will get it. Tights rule!
      Thanks for following us and taking your time to comment!
      UK Tights team

  • Freddie Sharkey

    More of a question than a comment in relation to my love and desire to wear tights
    Back in the 90,s there was a series called soldier soldier now I think it was either the third or fourth series when three ladies were in new Zealand a man gave them a lift now when he revealed his disire for pantyhose (tights) when the ladies got out of his car one said he should be careful not to get crotch rot
    My question is is this a real problem or was that just a falisy
    Can you please help as I say im a TV but my biggest pleasure is tights

    • UK Tights

      Hi Freddie,
      We aren’t doctors, but we don’t think there’s a direct relation between wearing tights and having a rush. Wearing cotton gusset tights and washing your tights often with neutral soap should avoid any issue. We certainly haven’t heard of any customer of us having this issue.
      Hope it helps.
      UK Tights team

    • UK Tights

      Probably, as the fabric doesn’t protect you from the sun rays. However, we wouldn’t just lie down and sunbath wearing tights, as this must feel uncomfortable.

  • Jennifer Long

    My personal false myth about tights:- Is that you should not always follow the sizing on the packet fastidiously, going up one size can result in a pair of tights been more comfortable to wear, likely to last longer and less runs as the fibres are not under as much strain.
    The myth of tights producing the “Nora Batty leg look” because of wearing a larger size is not true as it once was if you choose a brand with a lot of lycra or elastane in them they will still hug the shape of your legs.

  • Steve CD

    I am a male who wears tights. They are the best invention of clothing ever. They are so comfortable to wear as long as you get the right size. Wolford are my favs, I don’t understand why women would chose not to wear them as they make their legs look fantastic, are comfy and warm in the winter. I think it’s maybe because they were made to wear them as uniform for school and probably in the wrong size. I wish they could see it from a male point of view where a lot of men would love to wear tights openly but can’t because society dictates it’s wrong.
    Keep up the great work UK Tights as you keep me in my favourite garment year in year out.

    • UK Tights

      We totally agree with you, Steve. I guess society dictates women have to wear tights even if this lead to them hating them and men can’t. Good news is that society evolves, so, hopefully, we can do our bit to change the vision of hosiery.
      Thanks for your comment and your nice words!
      UK Tights team

  • Alan

    sooo wrong…am a sissy and tights are thee most gorg product ever… invention ever..make me weak at the knees…females dont know how lucky they are xxx

  • Alan

    uk tights….do you know if you can get 60 or 70 black denier tights with little red lovehearts on them?? av got them in 15 denier but they ladder rather easily……so I tend to wear them over glossy black denier tights and even tho they look fantastic ad love the 1 pair in a thicker denier…..thanks xxx

  • Alan

    thanks…they are all gorgeous but I sooo loove the tights with little red love hearts there just soooo cute…thanks uk tights..yous are amazing xxx

  • Samantha S. Rivera

    I’m really not a tights type of guy, I’ve been wearing them too long and I think I’m tired and just needed a little change. After trying sheer pantyhose, I prefer sheer pantyhose it makes all my outfits (like my mini dresses and mini skirts) looks complete.
    I’ll never go back to tights, especially in the hot weather climate states.

  • Hugo Focus

    I always wear tights during the Autumn, Winter and Spring, and sometimes on cooler summer evenings. I find them so very versatile, comfortable to wear and enhance the appearance of my legs. What’s unusual about that? I am a guy who likes to go out wearing tights with a skirt or dress.

  • Lucimay

    False myth: Tights are only for women.
    Men are now claiming back a fashion item from the past. Many men have shapely legs and look just as good as women in tights. One thing though guys, if you do not shave, wax or use cream removal of leg hair stay away from the sheer tights, stick to the opaques!

  • Jamie

    Tights and pantyhose are unisex so men can also enjoy wearing hosiery. Sheertex and Threads are just a couple of companies that have made their entire hosiery line unisex. I love how the sheer to the waist pantyhose look and feel and I going start trying their tights as well.

  • Chris

    Guy weighing on the comfortably of tights/pantyhose. My girlfriend agreed to wear a tie all weekend and I agreed to wear a g-string, pantyhose, and bra. I’d take pantyhose and a thong all day, everyday I don’t know how woman wear bras, that strap bothered me more than anything.

  • UK Tights Customer

    A properly fitted bra can be very nice and special to wear. The band size of the bra you wore is the wrong size for you. Compare your size with your girlfriend. Your size must be larger.

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