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Red Or Dead, Britain’s Best Boho Brand

Red Or Dead

Red or Dead is a renowned brand in the world of fashion. This name is synonymous with Britain’s iconic BoHo style and the fashion sense of Bohemians. With a history spanning over 30 years, Red or Dead has become a veteran designer among the Hipster and BoHo crowd.

The History Of Red Or Dead

The story of Red or Dead began in 1982 with a couple, Wayne and Gerardine Hemingway, who were struggling to make ends meet and couldn’t pay their rent. In a desperate attempt to earn money, they sold all their belongings, including their wardrobe, at Camden Market, known as the world’s biggest car boot sale. Not only did they manage to pay their rent, but they also made enough money to set up a permanent stall at the market. Within two years, they had 16 stalls buying and selling used clothes, becoming a prominent presence in the Camden area.

The Journey Begins

Realizing that people were drawn to vintage clothing styles that could only be found in second-hand shops, Wayne and Gerardine decided to create their own clothing line. They started by customizing hosiery and underwear based on customer requests, as they had spent a significant amount of time hunting down well-preserved vintage items. Soon, they transitioned exclusively into design and established their own studio and production means.

The passion of Wayne and Gerardine, who come from humble beginnings, has infused into every aspect of Red or Dead’s designs. To this day, the influence of the Camden fashion scene is evident in their fashion, characterized by bright colours, eclectic blends of vintage and modern motifs, and a playful sense of humour.

Red Or Dead’s Greatest Talent? Their Glasses

In addition to their clothing and accessories, Red or Dead has also made a name for themselves as one of the best designers of fashionable reading glasses and sunglasses. Combining their signature quirky style with functionality, Red or Dead’s eyewear collection boasts an impressive range of frames that are both trendy and practical. From bold and colorful frames to retro-inspired designs, their eyewear collection caters to those who seek not only clear vision but also a statement-making look. With Red or Dead, you can elevate your style while keeping your eyes protected and enjoy the perfect blend of fashion and function in your eyewear choices.

What sets Red or Dead’s eyewear apart is their unique and quirky designs that are unlike any other. They push the boundaries of traditional eyewear with unconventional shapes, unexpected color combinations, and playful details. From cat-eye frames with whimsical patterns to oversized round frames with bold prints, Red or Dead’s eyewear is anything but ordinary. Their designs exude a sense of individuality and self-expression, allowing wearers to make a bold statement with their eyewear choices. Whether you’re looking for a pair of reading glasses to add a touch of flair to your everyday look or a pair of sunglasses that stand out in a crowd, Red or Dead’s eyewear collection is sure to turn heads and add a unique and playful touch to your style. With Red or Dead, you can embrace your inner fashion rebel and showcase your distinct personality through your eyewear choices.

Red Or Dead And Their Recent Activity

In recent years, Red or Dead has expanded beyond clothing to include accessories and jewellery and leg wear. They have brought their hard-earned experience and can-do attitude to this realm of the fashion world, making waves among critics and fashion enthusiasts alike. Their latest collection features punk rock designs, such as fashion tights with “LOVE” and “HATE” stitched into the legs, and the ’60s peace symbol, which have become ironic icons of Punks and Hipsters. However, the main theme of their collection is the absence of a theme – each piece is unique and eclectic.

Red or Dead remains one of the most respected designers of their time, consistently impressing people regardless of the decade. If you’re looking to make a fashion statement that exudes creativity, individuality, and a touch of rebellion, Red or Dead is the brand to explore. With their rich history, unique designs, and unwavering passion, Red or Dead continues to captivate fashion lovers around the world. Whether you’re a Hipster, a BoHo enthusiast, or simply someone who appreciates bold and eclectic fashion, don’t hesitate to give Red or Dead a try and experience their amazing fashion pieces for yourself. Embrace your unique style and express yourself with the iconic designs of Red or Dead.

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