The Advantages of Crotchless Tights

Crotchless tights are becoming ever more popular as people try the new way of wearing tights. For many years’ ladies loved their full coverage of nylon, and then the cotton gusset was introduced. As time has gone on the crotchless tight has been debuted, and for different reasons, people have taken to this new way of wearing their legwear. 

The advantages of wearing crotchless tights are easy to see, as ladies become more aware of hygiene and freshness. If you’re a lover of crotchless tights, then you’ll already know that alongside the obvious hygienic and medical advantages, there is a stylish element to this garment as well.

Like support tights, which have an obvious medical benefit to them, the crotchless tight does too, but the designers of these products have given them a great deal of thought and have decided if you’re going to go for these, then they need to be stylish as well as functional. There is a unique fashion element to some crotchless tights also, as ladies love the look and feel of fabulous hosiery while remaining fresh and hygienic.

One of the biggest allures of the crotchless tight has to be the absolute sexiness of this product. The provocative and suggestive nature of these are irresistible. If it’s fun in the bedroom, you’re looking for but don’t want the go down the stockings and suspender route then crotchless tights are the perfect addition to your lingerie draw.

Here are some of our favourite brands of crotchless tights to choose from.

Miss O, the perfect choice for fashion as well as style. This reasonably priced brand has an excellent offering. 

One product of theirs that we think you’ll love is this:

Miss O Sheer Gloss Lace Open Crotch Tights

Miss O Sheer Gloss Lace Open Crotch Tights

Another one of their amazing products that are a best seller are:

Miss O Sheer Gloss Open Crotch Tights

Miss O Sheer Gloss Open Crotch Tights

Then there is this gorgeous design that people genuinely love:

Miss O Sheer Open Tights With Decorative Brief And Backseam

Miss O Sheer Open Tights With Decorative Brief And Backseam

Cecilia de Rafael is another fantastic brand of designer hosiery, and their offerings in the crotchless tights section are second to none. We know you’ll love these:

Cecilia de Rafael Vidrio A Glossy Crotchless Tights

Cecilia de Rafael Vidrio A Glossy Crotchless Tights

And finally – Miss Naughty! This brand says it all! Totally fabulous, totally naughty, and totally gorgeous.

Miss Naughty Metallic Shine Crotchless Tights

Miss Naughty Metallic Shine Crotchless Tights

This is just a small selection of our vast range of crotchless tights. If you’ve not tried them yet, then go ahead and give them a whirl. What have you got to lose?


  • Randy Pierce

    Have just bought Miss O P101 in a light blue bought them for the glossy look and color choices. Being not a big fan of crotchless tights being a straight male I was thinking could wear sheer blue underwear for more comfort. Or then again since I bought 2 pairs could leave one crotchless and the other sew the crotch up for comfort.

  • Gina

    And as one of your (much much) older UK Tights fans, can I add a dreary, but useful note?
    I travel long distance in France a couple of times a year, and sometimes I would like to wear tights as I need to look fairly businesslike the other end of the journey. Jeans won’t hack it.
    So If I don’t wear jeans and jumper as usual, I wear a vest dress and ankle boots. (Nice grey suede biker ones – bliss)
    Think French wayside loos. Think wayside coffee stops. Usually with a dress it’s a no pants option, in case I have to use the dread hole in the ground (believe me, arthritic, not easy), or the immensly useful Festival favourite, the funnel.
    Crotchless are a boon. Forget the bedroom, the autoroute for me!! A tout à l’heure mes amis.

  • Anonymous

    I have found crotchless tights this year. They are so sexy worn under jeans without other underwear. One thing I have found is that they are obviously designed for women and can be quite cutting for men if you know what I mean! On some makes, I wear them back to front and this gives a little extra space. If you haven’t worn them, give them a try.

  • John Sizer

    Being a man I find myself wearing crotchless tights very comfortable to wear especially this time of year with it turning cooler as I can slip a pair on under my trousers and it keeps my legs warm as I work outside a lot.

  • Anon.

    As a crossdresser I have only just discovered these crotchless tights. Giula are exceptional. They are incredibly soft, have plenty of open space to accommodate a man so you don’t need to remove them if you are being intimate. A great addition to the lingerie drawer.

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