The Game Changer

Oroblu have, yet again, left us reeling, speechless and dumbfounded.

Over the last few posts, we’ve reviewed some absolute gems that they’ve released this season, but today we got a whole bunch of new designs and, quite frankly, they leave the fashion tights standard in a cloud of dust.

We think it’d best to just see what we’re talking about.

Floral Tattoo Tights

Google did a study a while back that asked the question “is a picture really worth a thousand words?”. Their answer, heck knows how they reached this conclusion, was “no” it’s, more often than not, worth an incredible amount more.

We have to agree.

Oroblu’s work has gone from strength to strength these last few seasons. Far from splitting their resources, the release of a sister brand, Miss Oroblu, has re-energized them. Their work is better when they’re part of the rat-race. With such a good turn out of fashion tights, and of everything else clothing related, over the past months, Oroblu seemed to be relishing the chase.

Scarlet is exactly what a fashion tights design house like Oroblu needs to accomplish its mission. The mission, to strip away the unwanted parts of the brand and release work that talks to the cutting edge of the fashion populace. To aim for only the most discerning customer, without chasing after trends.

It’ll be more designs like Scarlet that will get them there, and it’ll be much sooner than you might guess is their next season is as new and different as this one has been.

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