Pierre Mantoux’s Garden Party

Like any industry out there, leg wear is full of designers that release good work and it’s very short on those who release excellent work. For every one hundred names out there, there’s just one that’s output is truly impressive. Pierre Mantoux is one of those very few.

Their new collection of fashion tights is just as creative and impressive as all the others before it have been. There are so many noteworthy designs included in it, but we can’t talk about all of them; it’d take until the next season to talk about all the things we love about them.

Instead, we’ve picked our favourite single design, the Pierre Mantoux Kelly.

Pierre Mantoux Kelly Tights

Have you ever seen anything like this before? We certainly haven’t. Everything from their latest collection has been taken from the garden. This particular pair of fashion tights was inspired by the wrought iron trellises and gates you might find in highly organised, landscaped gardens.

The ornateness and carefully poised nature of this pattern is what impresses us so much. She is full of detail with something interesting to see at every turn. Its real area of strength is at parties. It draws gazes and helps make your outfit a whole lot more striking overall. A truly exciting piece of artwork and nothing short of mesmerising.

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