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We haven’t done a suspender belt review in a while. This blog has become very fashion-centric. Not a bad thing, certainly, but we wanted to spend a little more time on particular suspender belt design that caught our eyes.

Dawn is the person to thank for our suspender belt range. Our balance of brands is a result of good buying. She’s managed to get the perfect number of belts, both classically stylish and new, creative pieces.

The one we’re reviewing today, the one that really jumped out at us, is the Sassy Art Deco.

Sassy has always made the designs that no other brand could imagine making. Their work is varied and new. It’s got style and exaggeration and it never ceases to explode with expression.


Sassy Black Gold Suspender Belt

The suspender belt is mostly patternless. Simple transparent fabric at the front, thicker opaque fabric elsewhere. This is a crucial part of the design. The backdrop is almost non-existent, making the ideal stage for a beautiful performance piece by the main design.

The golden explosions remind us of so many different sights sights and sounds. They look like the Bellagio fountains in Las Vegas, or a spread of great peacock tail feathers.

Gold is a symbol of wealth all over the world and when married with the backdrop of a plain, stark black fabric, the design takes of a rich and luxurious flavour. Art Deco is a design of extravagance.

The opulence of Sassy’s suspender belts are something straight out a F. Scott Fitzgerald novel, dripping in Jazz age pomp. Few brands push the envelope like this. Each suspender belt has minute details that go deeper and deeper into the design. Tiny concentric circles and patterns within patterns. It’s like a mural out of some fantasy palace.

We get a feeling from this suspender belt, but nothing’s said explicitly.

The design is like a fountain, it’s kind of a mural, it’s almost a piece of El Dorado or Xanadu resting on your hips. The real power of this piece, as with any well designed suspender belt, is mystery. Everything is that little bit out of reach.

This is the reason the suspender belt exists. To create mystique and curiosity!

The pattern always keeps you guessing and never lets a gaze move on. This is no simple feat. We’re not fond of saying something is our favourite of the season, but we always try to give a design the credit it deserves.

Art Deco is really something else. It’s our favourite suspender belts of the new Sassy collection and the first thing we’d recommend for adding a rich and sultry decadence to your underwear!

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