Trasparenze – The Ultimate Period Piece, Part III

Trasparenze Britney is the ultimate period piece. This is the climax of the Trasparenze Spring/Summer collection and the last item in my Ultimate Period Piece series!

Britney is my personal favourite from the Trasparenze’s new range.

It’s already sold more than half the stock!

I’m going to break with tradition today. I’m not reviewing a product today. I’m writing about two, because Britney comes in tights and hold ups.

This is just for your convenience because they follow the same design. But I should mention it comes in two types for another reason.

This series is about period pieces. My last two posts were about Trasparneze tights, but for Britney’s period, tights weren’t worn by ladies. Tights for ladies only arrived on the scene in the 1940’s. Before that, “hose” were worn exclusively by men.

Have you seen Amadeus? I think, if we don’t start with overcoats and opera cloaks, we should at least bring back powdered wigs!

I’m mentioning this for the sake of authenticity. If you’re attending some kind of fancy dress, go with hold ups for an faithful adaptation!


Trasparenze Britney Fashion Tights

Britney comes from one of the great periods of music, fashion and beauty. Trasparenze have taken their crown jewel design and given it a Baroque theme.

Trasparenze have done a superb job at capturing their period beautifully.

The miniature spots and tiny mesh give an almost fragile impression. The talent at Trasparenze have combined this with paler shades of ivory to give Britney a very tasteful and understood finish.

I particularly like how these paler shades have been layered. A slightly darker black on black. The same with Seta. This creates a fleeting, but never quite lost, subtlety and a leg that suggests delicacy and refinement.

Trasparenze Britney Hold Ups


This leg is a triumph of contrast. The bow, the centrepiece of the design, is rendered in opposing colours, making it jump out from it’s backdrop.

And as for recommendations, Britney would look most at home in a Marie Antoinette costume drama. But today, she’s best suited for evening wear. A ball gown or Little Black Dress is the kind of thing Trasparenze had in mind with this piece. But really, I think Britney is much more versatile than that. She’s exactly what good fashion should be, the core of timeless style given a new voice. This is why any good designer should be aiming for everytime they pick up a pencil!

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