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What Is Argan Oil And Why Should You Use It?

Argan Oil

Argan oil is a very special and versatile essential oil. It is one of the most useful and versatile oils in the world for every different purpose you can imagine. Argan is one of the few oils out there that ticks every box for what an essential oil can do. It is cosmetic, it is culinary, it has heaps of health benefits, and it is ethical too. But what it is exactly? Where is it from? What specifically is so great about argan oil? Let’s take a look and see what is so great about it.

What Is Argan Oil?

Argan oil is a kind of thick and viscous essential oil. It comes from the kernels of the argan tree. This makes it a type of plant oil. Plant oils are among the most ethical and environmentally friendly types of oil, but more on that later. Triglycerides make up the majority of argan oil, which are types of fatty acids. Triglycerides are a natural part of human skin oil, the kind that keeps your skin healthy. This is why it is desirable as a cosmetic oil, as it closely resembles the needs of human biology. The extraction and refining method also means it is more resistant to oxidation than olive oil. This means it doesn’t spoil as easily.

Where Does It Come From?

Argan oil has one of the most niche and specific points of origin of any essential oil. It grows only in tiny regional areas of Morocco and southwestern Algeria. This means that it can sometimes be hard to find a bottle of it. Any seasonal changes means the supply can be smaller than usual. Small changes in climate or rainfall can really make the difference to the availablity of argan oil. The great benefit of this is that you can really support small producers. With such a small crop, the price can be a little high, but this means locals are paid well. It is a superb way to patronise organic and fair businesses, concentrate on something only the region can produce.

What Are The Culinary Uses Of Argan Oil?

In Morocco and throughout North Africa, people use this oil very often for its vast culinary applications. In Moroccan cuisine specifically, it serves as a delightful accompaniment to breakfast bread, couscous, pasta, and other dished. It is perfect for adding a flavourful touch. Throughout the African coast and across the Middle East, you will commonly find it on dinner tables. You can use it as a dip for bread, a dressing for salads, or a drizzle over couscous. On common use is making a paste known as amlu. Amlu has a similar consistency to peanut butter. Farmers create amlu by grinding roasted almonds and argan oil together using large stones. Then they combine it with honey, resulting in a delightful spread. It can be used in leau of peanut butter or breakfast spreads.

Argan Oil Makes For Amazing Cosmetics

Now you might think because it is a food item, that it has no cosmetics uses, or vice versa. But that isn’t the case, thankfully. Argan also has applications in the realm of cosmetics too. The oil has gained significant popularity in the cosmetics and hair care industry. For around twenty years, it has been a key ingredient in various cosmetic products. This includes face creams, lip glosses, shampoos, moisturizers, and soaps. Its beneficial properties make it a sought-after component in beauty preparations, offering nourishment and care for the skin and hair. But what exactly is so great about it?

How Does Argan Oil Help Your Skin?

Argan is one of the few non-comedogenic oils. This is when an oil does not sink into your pores and clog up your skin. The benefits of this are impossible to count. Your skin is the biggest organ in your body, so proper skin health is vital. It is an absolute must for you to be able to breathe properly. So it can affect all kinds of things that are related to your skin. Here are a few things non-comedogenic oils do for your skin.

Non-comedogenic oils are suitable for dry to very oily skin as they play nicely with any skin type. This is because many people with oil skin actually have dry skin. Then when you moisturise it, you clog your pores. This leads to over production of oil later on and greasy skin. This type of skin treatment avoids all that, and regulates oil production. This also means argan is superb for managing breakouts of acne. Much better for keeping an evenness to your skin’s levels of moisture and  You can even use argan as a mask, as it sits on the surface of the skin instead of sinking into pores. So a warm towel will allow you to wipe it off easily and quickly.

All The Best Health Benefits, All In One Oil

Argan oil sounds like a true miracle cure. Maybe even too good to be true. But we mean it, it really is a great skincare and culinary item to have in the house. So include a little dose of argan oil in your life and see the benefits immediately. And i fyou want some other health tips, read our other health and wellbeing posts right here.

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