Why You Should Never Wear A White Bra With A White Top

Nope, this is not one of those attention-grabbing headlines that draw you in and then isn’t what it seems. We are quite serious; wearing a white bra under your white top is something that we all think of as a totally obvious thing to do, but we are here today to warn you this is the last thing you want to do with your underwear. So what is so taboo about choosing a white bra? And if it is a bit of a faux par, then what should you go for instead? Well, let’s take a look.

Why You Should Never Wear A White Bra With A White Top

The reason is almost entirely down to contrast. White does not contrast sharply against white, of course, but the problem with white bras is that your skin often contrasts against it. Darker skin is the sharpest in contrast, but even fairer skin is impossible to match with white bras. The most porcelain skin tone can look washed out and even a little bluish against a pure white bra. If your top is sufficiently sheer, it can make your bra stand out very noticeably.

What Coloured Bra Should You Wear With White?

The actual colour is not going to sound too intuitive. But bear with us! Our friends in the design and manufacturing world tell us that the best colour is a red bra. Yep, we are serious about that. Red is an excellent colour for wearing with white shirts. What is the login in a red bra with a white shirt exactly? Well, often, it can be the perfect thing for blending with the pinks and bronzes and reddish shades in your skin tone. This means there is less contrast under your clothes and therefore a little less outside too. It is surprisingly good at keeping your bra hidden.

It works on the same principle as natural camouflage. A tiger is orange, but it hides well in the greenery thanks to a few things, like the early morning and late daylight being a little warmer. The black and orange stripes diffuse the colour and tricking your brain into making the colours disappear into the backdrop.

Are There Any Reasons Not To Try A Red Bra?

It will vary greatly depending on your skin tone, but that does not mean that one colour or another are not going to be able to wear it. It is very much down to your skin and, of course, the colour of the bra itself. If you are dark-skinned, then a very dark berry red might be more suitable. If you are fairer, then try a scarlet red bra. Of course, you should experiment and see which particular shades are right for you, but make sure to try it out for yourself when you get the chance and ask someone to check the back to see any hint of a strap.

And if you don’t currently have any red bras in your lingerie collection, then why not try something new and get yourself a gorgeous and sexy red lace bra or a red t-shirt bra. Even if you don’t wear it with your lighter coloured tops, it is a stunning and sexy choice and one of the best ways to add something sultry to your outfit. Go to our collection of red bras, and there is sure to be something that you will fall in love with.

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