How To Be Utterly Majestic

What’s the mystery behind Majesty? People, all people, look up to idols that have some mystery about them. In some cases, if there isn’t anything to guess about, there isn’t much else there. With others, it’s always there. Vanity Fair recently published an article on one the latter group. It was a fantastic article and I remember thinking it would be the perfect topic for a post. I decided to dedicate this post to the Queen, or more accurately, the Princess of majesty and grace… Princess Grace.

Grace Kelly was, and still is, a role model to millions and a fashion icon to just as many. She’s also seen as one of the timeless beauties, but what I think was most impressive about her is how quickly she became the world’s most loved woman. Rear Window, the film that revived the beautiful and courageous heroine image was only Grace Kelly’s fifth film. She had taken secondary and supporting parts in her second and third films and was on screen less than three minutes for her first. So how did she go from an unknown dancer and theatre-hopeful to Her Serene Highness Princess of Monaco… in just five years?

The Myth

There are a lot of myths about the lives of public figures, and especially people who are admired as heroes and role-models. One story about the young Grace tells she was locked in a cupboard by her older sister, but to the latter’s disappointment, little Grace took it in her stride and just played pretend with her dolls. Imagination, that sounds like something a would-be Princess can’t be without. Was it imagination that made her so attractive?

Some people put it down to Hitchcock, who rightly cast her in Rear Window as Lisa Fremont, the High Society heiress that never wore the same dress out in pubic twice. The role she eventually took into real life. Hitchcock gave her the role, he arranged the lighting and fiddled with the cameras. But you have to have something else, or the magic doesn’t work. As much as a good director can bring out the best in his actors, he can’t do it all. So what did make Grace Kelly… so graceful?

The Woman

If I had to to tell you what my answer would be, I’d say whoever chose her name when she was born, certainly picked the right one. Grace.

Personality is the thing that makes starlets so charming. The best leads have always played their parts without over-playing. Grace Kelly’s acting is perfect and subtle. Miss Fremont’s kiss in her debut scene is often called “the softest kiss in film history”.

In a way, this post in a companion piece to an article I wrote the other week. What Makes A Women Worth Writing About? was a very popular post where I talked about showing confidence being the best way to feel confident. When I was reading about Hollywood idols, I thought I should write a bit more about what fashion and clothing can do for people.

While visual designs show confidence, classic designs show grace! It’s the classic designs that do “subtle and understated” better than anything else. I’ve written about confidence, but now I want to suggest how to find your own elegance with your clothing.

The First Step

The first step is simply to start as you mean to finish. Begin with the end in mind. The best blend of richness, quality and understated elegance comes with Falke. Falke is one my favourite brands to review, and for evening wear, I don’t think their hold ups or stockings can be bested. Remember, follow Ms. Kelly’s example and stay understated.

That’s all I have to say. With these kinds of posts, it can be difficult to finish. I’ll let Her Highness close for me instead.

“If there’s one thing that’s foreign to me it’s shopping for pleasure. On the other hand, I believe that it’s right to honor all those who create beautiful things and give satisfaction to those who see me wearing them.”

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