Jonathan Aston Taylor, Made to Suit Your Style

Why did they call it “Taylor”?

It might be something to do with the rest of the design. These new fashion tights from Jonathan Aston are all together a mysterious and otherworldly design.

They have a kind of quaint vintage to them that keeps you guessing their period.

Well, as something of an insider, we can tell you that they’re as cutting edge and modern as you’ll ever find! Jonathan Aston are one of our oldest brands and we can’t think of a better product for them to include in their new range. It’s just got their name all over it!

Jonathan Aston Taylor Tights

Taylor opaque fashion tights are made with a basic opaque base and a rich network of patterns is layered on top. The pattern, from afar, is very cryptic, but if you look closely at the shimmer, you can see a jungle of floral and leaf motifs.

Ah, yes, the shimmer! Jonathan Aston have used their considerable years of design knowledge here and made sure that a pattern this subtle still shows up on your legs. A rich shimmer, not too over the top, gives these fashion tights a slight patina. Beautiful!

As for the scenery, we think these might be too rich for the office, unless your eye is on the smoke colour. Smoke is almost black, and black being as versatile as it is, is fantastic for both work and play. Because the pattern is floral and subtle, its quite close to lace. Lace fashion tights have always be a superb party item, so if your planning a Saturday night excursion, Jonathan Aston certainly won’t let you down!

Taylor is a beautiful item, but Jonathan Aston have plenty more to offer us this season. Jonathan Aston’s range┬áis here – check out their┬árange and tell us what you think of Taylor here.


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