New Product Page Design

We do not, as so many people ask, spend our day hob-nobbing with underwear models. Ask any employee in a Maserati dealership if they spend all day driving sports cars around and you’ll get a similarly dismal and tired response.

UK Tights logo banner

No, most of our day, and everyone else’s is spent bickering about the virtues of rectangular colour swatches versus square ones.

This is ideal for us. We love finding the perfect balance of things and fixing even minute details.

That’s why our website has now undergone a tremendous redesign over the past few days. We started with getting rid of the purple skin and it has now extended to our item pages. Everything has been considered.

New hosiery brand size charts

We started crusading for a revamp from our Tech Department because of our sizing guide unacceptable. A frustrating little link underneath a drop-down selection box. Oh, how we loathed being berated by you otherwise delightful people over not being able to find something as vital as your size.

This shall not stand! The page is now magnificently updated. It’s clean, efficient and stress-free.

Some might say that all this agonising over organisation is rather pathetic. Well, we say organising is fun!

Here you have all the nuts and bolts information on the left, with everything you have to know right there. And as if we weren’t helpful enough, a huge spiel of info is available newt to it. To the right is the description, where some unknown worker bee waxes lyrical about all the very most handsome qualities of the design.

Now you can read about what items of clothing your design of choice with go with, what other kinds of legwear you might like and what makes the item unique.

Find out similar products

Underneath the picture of the item, are your suggested products. This is a very important area of any good shopping website. The last thing you want to do is find some elegant stockings you love and then be told something super thick in polka dot is your ideal accompaniment.

Next to it, we’ve got our social hub. Here, you can tell your friends and family what designs you love, what items you’ve treated yourself to or what other people you know might like. We have Twitter buttons, Facebook likes, YouTube and our new Google+ page featured here, and you can be a part of that with a simple click.

And That’s That

Well, that’s our new design and we really hope it helps you out with the way you interact with our site. We just want to help you find the right products and to do that, we have to make it easy for you by putting everything in one place.

If there’s anything you don’t like about the page, or something you think we can add, just tell us about it. The best suggestion will win a year’s supply of ice cream!*

* Please Note: No ice cream will actually be awarded.

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