Offer of the Week: Leggings from Silky

And we took the animals, two by two, onto her ark. The zebras and the iguanas and the bacteria!

Yes indeed, that’s our offer of the week! Zebra, Iguana and Cells Leggings by Silky, each with £2 off!

Silky started their leggings range so well, then decided that drinking would improve their design work, and instead of “Snake”, we got “Cells”.



Silky Cells Leggings Cheap Black Leggings by Silky

Cells is a whole hodge-podge of differently shaped amoebas. It’s a tapestry of shining motifs and one of the very best leggings we have available at the moment.

Cells are a very nice mixture of purple and black, and the sheen works well will an item like this, but we think it’s even better on our other product.

Was £6.95

Now £4.95



Silky Iguana Leggings - black wet look snakeskin leggings

Iguana Leggings are a wonderfully lustrous design. Black is also the world’s most versatile and stylish colour, and because these leggings are down by nearly 30%, we think this is a great opportunity to try something truly versatile. This is our favourite leggings design of the three.

Was £6.95

Now £4.95



We have to though, Zebra Leggings have the best photo of the bunch. And if you like the slightly hazy dual colours of items like cells, then Zebra will see you right! The say vertical stripes are slimming, but it seems to us that you can’t go wrong with zebra-print, whatever the effect. As it happens, and you can tell by the pictures, all of Silky’s animal designs look beautiful when combined with thick, cozy and comfortable leggings.

Was £6.95

Now £4.95


Our offer will last, as is our way for weekly discounts, all this week until Sunday, when another one shall emerge.

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