Oroblu Autumn Winter 2017 Beautiful Hosiery Unveiled

We’ve already said how much we love this month. August isn’t peak time for wearing tights, we know, but it’s an exciting time for us, at UK Tights. August is when most Autumn Winter fashion hosiery collections are sent to us. You can’t imagine how exciting is opening the boxes and discovering all the brilliant styles for the season. Well, maybe you can imagine it. It’s very similar to that excitement you feel when you’re about to open one of our purple bags. If our previous post talked about Trasparenze beautiful styles, now it’s time for us to give Oroblu Autumn Winter 2017 the importance it deserves. After all, their latest fashion collection is simply brilliant.

Oroblu Stacy Patterned Tights

Nobody does geometric patterned hosiery as Oroblu! Last year Oroblu amazed us with the Audrine and the Danielle patterned tights, which crowned diamond patterned tights as the hottest pattern in the 2016-17 season. This year they’ve introduced another beautiful geometric pattern style we’ve fallen for. Aren’t they just ideal? You have them here above, diamond-patterned Stacy tights in a chic Cobalt blue. Aren’t they just ideal? These tights are also available in black, which is the most popular colour in Autumn-Winter, but what’s life without trying new colours, patterns and styles?

Oroblu Polka Dot Patterned Hold Ups

We have a tiny bit of an obsession with polka dots. Who hasn’t? Josephine is the name of these ultra elegant opaque hold ups with polka dot and circle patterns and beautiful lace top. If you are a fan of hold ups and you’re after a cosy pair for winter, click in the picture above to take a close look at these in our website. They are really soft at touch and full of character. All eyes on you guaranteed!

Hosiery colour trends: Cobalt and Bordeaux are the top colours of Autumn Winter 2017-18 season. Still, classic black is the king! 

Do you think it’s a coincidence that the Oroblu Beatriz fashion tights below are available in Bordeaux and Cobalt? Nah! We all know black is the absolute No. 1 colour in hosiery from September to March, but this season we have noticed two colours appear to be everywhere: Bordeaux, as the tights above, and Cobalt blue. Yes, it isn’t a coincidence that we chose to feature the Stacy tights at the top of this post in Cobalt!

Oroblu Beatriz Patterned Tights

Bordeaux and Cobalt are so popular this season that Oroblu has re-edited some of their 2016’s bestselling styles in these tones. The Clara fishnets and some of our most popular polka dot styles, Cloe and Adelle, are included!  Check out our Oroblu section to find out if your favourite styles are available in these tones.

Oroblu herringbone animal printed tights

As for patterns, geometric details is a win-win option this season. We believe the Oroblu Blanca Herringbone tights above are going to be one of the most demanded styles this season. Oroblu has put together two of the top trends for the season: herringbone patterns and animal prints. Even if you aren’t keen on patterned tights, you can’t deny there’s something special in these tights.

So, have you also fallen in love with these styles? We know! It’s difficult to stop yourself from buying them all! These are only four styles, but don’t forget to check out our website to spot all Oroblu beautiful new hosiery. Spoiler alert: there are some gorgeous lace tights we have our eyes on… Do go and check by yourself!


  • Dave

    I always look forward to autumn, I like the cool mornings and the change of colours of the trees, I like it when the nights draw in so you can close the curtains and light the fire but for me the best part of this time of year when the weather changes and once again I open my tights drawer.
    I feel something is missing during the warmer seasons – in short I miss my tights.
    So once again I wait for the cooler days to feel the comfort, support and warmth a nice pair of tights bring.
    I wish I could wear all year round but I don’t think the world is quite ready – One day perhaps.

    It looks like the designers have been busy with some of their latest offerings. Colour and patterns seem big this year and they all look great, I just wish I could have a trolley dash round your warehouse.


  • Dave

    Yes I love these new styles and indeed do want them all, can I have trolley dash around your warehouse?
    Again a big selection of hosiery heaven.

    Autumn is my favourite season.
    As the thermometer begins to recede and the days get shorter the time comes once again to open my drawer and start thinking about tights.
    I don’t tend to wear them in the warmer months so I miss their comfort, their support and the general feeling of well-being I get from a nice pair of tights.

    I like summer but I find it too warm and can’t get away with sheers (I leave them for the girls) as I tend to think of them being more feminine and to be honest I’m quite clumsy and ruin anything less than 30 Denier as soon as I try to put them on; I would like to wear with shorts when it’s warmer but unfortunately I don’t think society is quite ready for that. I don’t think I’m the only man who would like to wear openly either but I’m not sure of the answer to this problem.

    So as soon as the hosiery designers start showing us their latest creations like these amazing looking tights I start looking forward to T-day and quite frankly I can’t wait.


    • UK Tights

      Hehe We’ve had that request of picking up the hosiery from the warehouse a few times, but trust us, it isn’t as glamorous as you may think, as we have thousands of styles, with different sizes, colours and even lengths, in the case of ITEM m6 products! Our warehouse staff deserves all the credit, as it isn’t as easy as going around the supermarket! Much easier buying online, plus you don’t have to queue up to pay!
      We’re glad to discover people love Autumn as much as we do! Bring on the tights season! 🙂

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