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The 2017 Party Tights Edition

December is the month for dressing up in sparkles. It’s the season of sequins, lace, velvet, tulle and all sort of elegant fabrics. If you haven’t still decided what you’re wearing for the next celebration (this is, the Christmas do at work, dinner with the friends or, even, your New Year’s party), here you have your chance to find out what are the latest trends in party tights. What better advice on party tights than the tips of the largest hosiery sellers on Earth (aka us!). Let’s start with the basics… the sparkles!

This is all you need to know before wearing lurex tights

Any good Party Tights edit should always include lurex tights, the single most demanded hosiery style this time of the year. Even more this season, as lurex hosiery is extremely popular. If you buy fashion magazines or you follow fashion Social Media accounts you must surely have noticed.

Jonathan Aston Metallic Blue Lurex Tights
Get the look: Jonathan Aston Lurex Tights

In the past, most lurex tights were black with golden, silver or bronze sparkles.

Nowadays, though, we have found more and more lurex tights in plain gold, silver, bronze and, even, metallic blue, like the ones in the picture. And they’re selling out so quick, too!

We have been ordering loads of lurex tights to have enough stock before Christmas and we have re-stocked some of our best-selling lurex tights, like the Trasparenze Vlinder Lurex Tights, the Oroblu Diamonds Lurex Tights and the Jonathan Aston in the picture.

Before buying lurex tights… double check the size chart. Lurex doesn’t expand greatly, so you must make sure you’re buying the right size. Fitting is everything! If you have never worn lurex tights before, you should know lurex can feel itchy if your skin is sensitive. It isn’t the softest fabric, although buying good quality lurex tights like these Falke tights can make a difference.

Wear them with black and other dark colours, to drive all the attention to your legs. We love the look of lurex tights with velvet and very opaque fabrics. The best? Once party season is over, you can style your lurex tights with denim and leather. It looks fab!

Dressing up your legs in elegant patterned tights

Trasparenze Platano Party Tights
Get the look: Trasparenze Platano Party Tights

If you are a fan of patterned tights, this must be your favourite time of the year. You won’t find a better time to dress your legs in patterned tights. It’s true that some people utterly dislikes any kind of printed or patterned tights, but we just love patterned tights. We can’t help ourselves. Sorrynot-so-sorry!

What are the best patterned tights for Christmas? 

Polka dot and diamond have been the most demanded patterns for fashion tights in 2017, just like the previous year. We’re including fishnets in the same group of the diamond patterned tights, as some of these diamond-patterned styles are mocked fishnets after all.

Style tip: Floral tights are right on trend this season & they’re meant to be very popular in 2018, too!  

The surprise of the season has been the great success of floral tights. We ordered more lace tights than ever and they have flown! After all, they are everywhere these days. Every fashion magazine features floral tights these days; they’re the hit of the season!

Wolford Blossom Lace Tights
Get the look: Wolford Blossom Lace Tights

From the floral printed or patterned tights over opaque styles to the elegant floral lace tights, they have been the most popular style by far in Autumn 2017. And there’s more to come in 2018, as florals are a typical pattern in Spring hosiery!

Our favourite floral tights for the party season are the sparkle lace tights (just like the Trasparenze Platano Party Tights above) and the combo lace-with-mesh tights you’ll find in these

How to wear your patterned tights: Many people are scared of wearing complicated patterns. If you aren’t confident enough, you can start with tiny polka dots, micronets or diamond patterns.

Now, if you dare to wear your favourite pattern, make sure you don’t overdo it with patterned outfits that can take the attention away from your beautiful legs. Sometimes less is more. The best thing about wearing patterned tights in party season is that you can repeat outfit but re-style it by wearing totally different fashion tights. That’s your wardrobe-upgrade sorted!

Pearl tights: The luxury tights for Party season

Wolford Pearl Seamed Tights
Get the look: Wolford Pearl Seamed Tights

Every year we bring you stunning luxury party legwear from selected hosiery manufacturers (scroll down to read our previous features on Pierre Mantoux fashion tights and Girardi hold ups). The most exclusive pre-Christmas collection is Wolford’s and it’s absolutely gorgeous.

What is Wolford’s signature trend for the party season? Pearl-embellished tights! Utterly elegance and glamour! The pear backseamed tights are absolutely stunning, but the star of Wolford AW17 party are the Wolford Pearl Net Fashion Tights.

Now that you know what are the top party trends to wear before Christmas, tell us, what style are you going for?


  • David Haddow

    Hello everyone oh yes party season is heading our way fast I love patterned tights and it is not always easy to find a new sexy outfit to go with them ladies and gents if you have any thoughts or comments would you please let me know thankyou.

    D. Haddow.

  • randy

    Got to love fashion tights they lots of attention. Love all the ones above ones I like most are the Jonathan Aston Lurex Tights in a selection of colors but need them in a size C yet to find them in my size usually are out of stock. Now the itchy scratchy feel of some learned putting a nice sheer pair of pantyhose first then the lurex tights is a cure that’s my tip on wearing lurex tights.

    • UK Tights

      We understand what you say, Randy. In fact, we always order more L and XL sizes of Lurex tights, because we know how little stretchy these are. We sometimes manage to re-stock some sizes, though (for instance we re-stocked the Jonathan Aston Glitz lurex tights in all sizes & colours before Black Friday), but they sometimes sell out in a matter of hours.
      Thanks for your comment, Randy!

    • UK Tights

      What’s wrong with these tights? We never tell men or women what to wear. In fact, we understand hosiery as a gender-neutral product. We invite you to head over our Social Media profiles or scroll down to previous posts, where we work with both male and female hosiery bloggers. Thanks!

  • randall pierce

    Fashion pantyhose and tights are genderless in fact women’s pantyhose and tights come in many colors and styles that all can enjoy the fashion aspect. Only pantyhose and tights I buy personally are womens more choices of colors and styles. I have all colors of tights and pantyhose from Matte to glossy to the glitz look and enjoy them all after all it’s about fashion.

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