PrimaDonna Lingerie Is No Ordinary Brand

What makes a brand successful? Ask a Formula One engineer and they’ll tell you it’s all about effectiveness and functionality; does the product perform? Ask a PR pro and they’ll say the key is image; does the product appeal? Ask the geniuses at PrimaDonna Lingerie and they’ll tell you what you already secretly knew: it’s all about empathy; does the brand understand the customer? And at PrimaDonna, they’ve made an art of tailoring their products to the wearer’s needs.

PrimaDonna is by no means the first clothing company to specialise in plus size lingerie and bigger cup sizes. Nor is it the only pioneer of the all-shapes-and-sizes mentality. In fact, the fashion industry in France has forged the way for body positivity, and now the taboo of hyper-skinny models is enshrined in French law. Now, French catwalk shows can only be strutted and stalked by girls and boys with a healthy BMI, as certified by a doctor, and digitally altered images have to carry a public disclaimer. And about time!

A New Idea Of Lingerie For All Sizes And Shapes

Sadly, however, it is only in the past couple of decades that designers and lawmakers have started to take size seriously and realise that fashion should work for your shape, not the other way around. PrimaDonna lingerie released this long ago and has been working to ensure wearers of all sizes and shapes feel fabulous in their garments, without the needless body shaming.

After an experiment in 2016 with male employees in PrimaDonna Lingerie, they can pride themselves on understanding the customers they’re sewing for.

But it’s a lot more than simply altering the contours of a well-designed bra. PrimaDonna pride themselves on understanding the customers they’re sewing for. In 2016, the male employees of the company took part in a social experiment that had them walk in their female counterparts’ shoes for a day – kind of… “As a man, how can you know?”, asks the company’s executives, “what it is like to have a bigger cup size?” 

And so, dead weights strapped to their shoulders, the men of PrimaDonna Lingerie went about their daily business, experiencing the strain and discomfort of the average E-cupped woman for a day. They presented their pie charts in meetings, typed away at their desks, and had a coffee in the break room with their fake breast-weights attached to their chests. All this with a view to seeing what it’s like to be bigger in the bra area, and all to the delight – and knowing nods – of their female coworkers.


This kind of thing may seem like a publicity stunt, but we can assure you it genuinely reflects the brand’s ethos. It’s this kind of forward-looking attitude that makes PrimaDonna the compassionate, and therefore successful, brand it is: it understands its customers and is constantly striving to understand them better.

What Do Curvy Women Want In A Bra?

All this is reflected not only in their outlook but most importantly, in their bras. As a curvy woman, it’s hard to find a lingerie brand that (a) fits and is comfortable, (b) is sexy, and (c) offers a range of products for all occasions. We are tired of the thrown-together, crudely under-panelled string-and-two-buckets look. Women want a bra for the boardroom, the bedroom (and everything that happens there), and the badminton court. We want elegance, glamour, sex appeal, comfort, innovation, and range. And that’s exactly where PrimaDonna excel. They understand women. Shop the PrimaDonna bra collection, with bras ranging from UK 32 D Cup to UK 40 J Cup and matching briefs.


  • DDtop

    Hi i love Primadonna lingerie one of my faves have many of there bra’s in various models as do what they say on the tin plus more along with lasting far longer than many others esp if handwashed in likes of Soak and hung to dry by gore along with rotational wearing.
    Has for the Primadonna guy’s wearing the equivalent of an E cup on there chest im bigger being a 42G/44F UK so understand the effects as ive needed to wear fulltime for quite a few years as something had since young but have a pit tumour/prolactinoma then put on T HRT which made them grow lots so need to support them or become tender/sore plus having Fibro&Raynauds that add’s to the ‘Fun’!
    But Primadonna has been great my main two are Deauville and Madison but did have to up size in that to 42I.
    They are so good you forget wearing which was told is the sign of a perfect bra.

    Yes they cost you more but get many more times the wear over something half the price plus it’s an even platto where as cheaper/less well made bra’s tight at first then quickly loose there return to form once worn where as PD’s keep that just put on feel&support for a long time as ive my first one i got still over 5 years ago and still good to wear!

    • UK Lingerie

      Thanks for your comment. We’re agree, investing in a good quality bra often pays off. You pay more for a better design, but also for better quality. You won’t see a PrimaDonna bra stretching too much after a couple of washes. They are the kind of bra you get home and don’t bother removing. We often get home looking forward to unfastening our bras, but this doesn’t happen when you wear PrimaDonna 🙂

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