Run For Your Lives!

Purple is kind of our colour. It was, and still is, one of the most prominent colours on our website and it’s turning out to be very popular this month. Check it out!

Silky Tattoo Funky Spider Tights
Silky Tattoo Funky Spider Tights

We all up is Silky’s crib again. The Tattoo Funky Spider Tights are already one of the most praised items from this year’s Halloween tights range.

Spider tights for Halloween like this are a simply, thus more versatile design than some patterns out there. The Witches Tights, for example, are eccentric and hilarious, but Spider Tights have just two colours, so you aren’t constrained by the rest of your outfit.

Spider Tights are going to get even more popular as the 31st nears, and as much as we’re praising them, there is a downside…

Everyone in our offices is terrified of spiders!

Now, a picture of them isn’t so bad, but Silky have still succeeded in creeping us out. Now all we can think of is a large, hairy arachnid scurrying up our legs. OMG, run for your lives!

So, If you have a laughable cry baby as a relative/friend and you’d like to make your Halloween outfit of choice that bit more fashionable, Funky Spider might just be for you!

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