Suspender Tights – Valentines Day, Part II


Yesterday I covered fishnet tights. Today, as part of the Valentines Day series, I’m writing about suspender tights!

Now, fishnets are a great item for visual and sexy. But I think suspender tights have some added advantages that fishnets don’t.

Today, I’ll be writing about one of the best ways to to spice up Valentines Day, which kind you might want to try out, and how these are better for romance than any other kind of leg wear.

Are There Different Kinds of suspender tights?!

Suspender tights are just as varied as the fishnets I talked about in my last post. The most popular suspender tights are the regular sheer, black variety, sometimes with lace trim.

But there are plenty of different kinds out there and today I’m going to introduce you to some.

Fishnet Suspender Tights

This variety you may have seen before. Suspender Tights are very popular in fishnets. One reason being, fishnets cover the whole of the pelvis and some people find this pretty uncomfortable. Fishnet suspender tights are ideal for including the appeal of both varieties.

Wow! Exciting!

The fantastic thing about them is the variety of fantastic patterns and designs. Because of the shaping of the brief, you can combine them with vertical lines to perfectly compliment your legs.

Another great thing about suspenders is, you don’t just have to just go for ordinary cut-outs. Leg Avenue do a marvellous design they call criss-cross. This, like most of Leg Avenue’s items, are absolutely inspiring. The crossed straps over the thigh give the whole thing a unique edge. And remember, unique and memorable make for perfect gifts!

The Most Romantic Leg Wear Ever?

This is the reason suspender tights get a spot in the Valentines Day series. When you’re wearing them, you can’t see that they’re not regular tights.

Fishnets have the advantage of being absolutely stunning and there for all to see. But with suspenders, they look like normal tights when you’re wearing them. The beautiful lace and the complimenting shape of the cut-outs are hidden underneath your clothes. This is why they’re so popular!

Now, you might think that that’s a drawback. You want people to be able to see them, that’s why they make them so stunning! But Valentines Day is a day for just the two of you. Suspenders are ideal when you want your leg wear to be just for your other half. Fishnets are great for everyone else’s eyes, but suspenders are just for one other person to see!

Until Next Time

Valentines Day isn’t too far away, but we still have time for a few more posts. If you think you’ve already found what you’re looking for today, that’s great. But for this time of year, there’s so much out there to choose from, you might still want to hunt down the perfect gift.

If you are still looking, then you’re in luck, because before Valentines Day, I’m going to review a very special item. Something they’ll never forget! Until then!


  • from_skies

    @NickyDTV yes Charnos are 10 denier and very, very fine. So fine they are very fragile. The toes aren’t reinforced. I put them with gloves but from the walking out in shoes they got a hole in one thumb. 🙁 Other than that, this is exquisite hosiery and I’d buy them again but not use shoes any more.

  • from_skies

    oooops I just looked at them to find out that it’s written 15d on the package. So I lied unintentionally, but still they are very fine, more than other 15d. Hope this helps

  • NickyDTV

    @from_skies. Thanks for that – to be honest i first discovered suspender tights way back when i first started wearing nylons…they were 15denier then – but i’m a super sheer addict and i prefer 10s or lowers for best! 10d is my normal everyday weight unless im in opaques or lacies.
    N x

  • UK Tights

    @NickyDTV, Thanks for asking about the 10 denier tights. Unfortunately, I think from_skies is right, we don’t have any new 10 denier suspender tights in at the moment.

    Summer might be the best time for the sheer items. It seems the most we have in at the moment is 15. I’ll see what I can do in suggesting some sheerer suspender tights for next season!

    Thanks for the comments! 🙂

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