The Stuff That Dreams Are Made On

Nylon Dreams. The latest brand to hit the shelves and the brand a faithful Blogger like myself must post on!

Well, what to say? UK Tights never sells mediocre products, and Nylon Dreams is no exception.

The manufacturing of this brand is fantastic, and if you have ever had a suspender belt from some of our other brands, you’ll immediately be able to spot the quality.

Although, let’s be honest. It’s not just the quality that makes this brand stand out. It’s the design. All of the Nylon Dreams’ designs are striking and absolutely beautiful.

What’s your favourite Nylon Dreams suspender belt?

My personal favourite is Nylon Dreams 6 Strap White Lace Over Pink. I love the image they chose for this one and this belt is one of the best I’ve seen in a while, especially for pairing with coloured stockings.

On a similar theme, the 6 Strap Black Lace Over Pink is a great one too, but judging by the picture, this one is made with black stocking lovers in mind.  The black trim gives this a deeper and more sensual tone to the design. Also, this belt comes in red, making this the perfect belt for special occasions.

Say yes to PVC suspender belts!

But if you’re looking for sensual, Nylon Dreams goes one step further. The PVC 6 Strap is the ultimate in sexy suspender belts. This design is one of the best in their portfolio, and I suspect it will become our best selling belt very soon.

Nylon Dreams have all you could ever want from the belt department, but one thing I’m quite excited about is the other range of products we have taken on from them, the slimming shapewear.

Finally, sexy shapewear!

This has been a big gap in the market for some time and I know beyond doubt that a lot of customers will be very excited about this.

We begin with the Bridal Waist Cincher with Matching Briefs. Yes, you heard (or read) correctly! UK Tights has its very own lingerie! Our first set of panties and cincher, and it’s one of the best-made sets on the market today. Also, I must mention, the straps are detachable and adjustable, so if you’d rather just wear it as a cincher, without the usual ultra-fashionable stockings, you just have to unhook them! Marvelous!

The Red and Black 6 Strap Waist Cincher is also a detachable suspender. This item doesn’t come with briefs, but it is one of the most versatile of Nylon Dreams’ products. This is also a black stockings item, but because this also features a great deal of red in the design, some dark red stockings wouldn’t go amiss either.

And a great shaping item to wear underneath your occasion dress

The final design is the Black 6 Strap Waist Cincher. An item even more versatile than the Red and Black 6 Strap, I’ll bet this becomes our most popular item of shape wear in just a few short weeks. Also a great item for special occasions, this piece is perfect for wearing underneath an evening dress.

Well, we’ve reached the end of my brand review, once again. I hope you’ve enjoyed my quick review of Nylon Dreams’ designs as much as I enjoyed writing it! It’s always a little bit sad to run out of products to review. But, judging by these designs, it’s pretty safe to say we’ll be getting a few more items from Nylon Dreams in the very near future!

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    Black color lingerie always looks so quiet mostly people say red color symbol of love but my thoughts black color symbol of romance..

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