Top Trends Autumn Winter 2014

It’s time to fill up your wardrobe with new clothes. Do you want to know what are the 2014’s Must-Have selection of UK Tights? And more important: How to style 2014’s new trends? Just read!

Fairy Tale Patterns

Patterned fabrics are hot this season in all kind of imaginative patterns. Floral patterns and diamond patterns are everywhere: coats, dresses, skirts… and they will look amazing with your best opaque tights.

Why not wear patterned tights?

Best patterned tights

Eat The Cake: The Trendy Pales

Pastel tones are back in Fashion! Paris Hilton must be thrilled to bits, as her light pink car is trendy. But pink is not the only pale colour back in Fashion. All Pastels are hot in Autumn/Winter 2014: Light yellow, white and light blue.

Autumn Winter 2014 Pale Colours

Back to 1960’s

Mini skirts, over the knee boots, geometric patterns, leather fabrics and Pop Art contrasts. Pierre Mantoux’s Over the Knee Socks are the perfect garment to style a 60’s inspired outfit.

Over the knee socks: An Autumn Must-Have
Over the knee socks: An Autumn Must-Have

Zip Up!

Designers have got crazy about the zips. We have seen this features on dresses and tops in the last two seasons. Now, zips are everywhere. Do you like these Wolford Zip Tights? You can get them with a silver or a golden zipper detail.

Wolford Zip Tights
Wolford Zip Tights

The Cosy Plaid

Tartan tights are an Autumn classic that never goes out of Fashion. However, this year tartan patterns are hotter than ever. Vote Yes for Scottish patterns!

Pierre Mantoux Scotch Leggings
Pierre Mantoux Scotch Leggings

What of these Five Autumn/Winter 2014 Trends is your favourite? 

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