Six Seductive Trasparenze AW18 Tights And Hold Ups We Swear By

Trasparenze is a brand of hosiery that doesn’t cease to amaze us, season after season, for its seductive tights and Oh-so-sexy hold ups. We weren’t surprised to learn that Trasparenze AW18 Tights and Hold Ups are as amazing and ever and, yes, absolutely sexy. Few other brands of hosiery know how you make your legs glow as Trasparenze does.

We love every style in the new Trasparenze Autumn Winter 2018 collection, but these six seductive Trasparenze AW18 Tights and hold ups are sexier than any other style this year. These below are the six most seductive styles that have stolen our hearts this season.

Trasparenze Allen Faux Leather Hold ups

Trasparenze Allen Leather Hold UpsThe Trasparenze Allen Hold Ups aren’t new this season, but they feel like a brand new product to us. Let us explain why. We received these hold ups last year, more or less around this time of the year. The hold ups came live a Friday and, by Tuesday, we had sold out of them. We tried to re-order them, but we only manage to get a few extra pairs, which, again, sold out in a couple of days, too. We begged Trasparenze for more and they agreed to manufacture them this season once more. So, this year we have ordered loads of them. If you like them, we’d advise you go for them. Don’t think it twice. You snooze, you lose!

Trasparenze Penelope Tights

Trasparenze Penelope Sexy Tights
Isn’t the leg detail absolutely charming?

Time stops when we look at the Trasparenze Penelope Fashion Tights. Although at first, you could think of this as a minimal-inspired style, this is one of the most sophisticated leg styles in the Trasparenze AW18 Tights range. The reason? The popularity of sandals and boots that tie all the leg up, as in a mocked-up over the knee style. We swear by these tights!

Trasparenze Eudoro Tights

Trasparenze Eudoro Suspender Tights
Feel like a Goddess with these Trasparenze tights!

We’ve told everything about the popularity of fishnet tights in the last years. You may also remember reading about diamond patterned tights, which are a hot pattern both in Autumn/Winter and Spring/Summer season. The Trasparenze Eudoro tights are a tribute to fishnet hold ups. Having a sheer leg, they are ideal to dress up, too.

Trasparenze Ermes Tights

Trasparenze Ermes Back-seamed tights
How about a seductive back-seamed style?

Is there anything more seductive than a back seamed style? We don’t think so. The Trasparenze Ermes Tights are one of the signature looks of Trasparenze AW18 Tights collection. Every year Trasparenze creates different legs styles with similar motifs: A sexy seam, a decorated brief, matching heel decoration and a mocked-up lace hold up look. Season after season, of course, we keep falling in love with Trasparenze’s most romantic hosiery.

Trasparenze Circe Hold Ups

Trasparenze Circe Floral Tattoo hold ups
The seduction behind a beautiful pair of hold ups

The Trasparenze Circe Hold Ups have a simple pretty floral print, similar to a faux tattoo, and a modern ringed band, which we find absolutely sexy. Do you agree with us? These hold ups are elegant, but still really seductive, right? We can’t have enough of them!

Trasparenze Orione Tights

Trasparence Orione Lace Tights
That ribbon detail drives us crazy! Simply stunning!

Last but not least, we have the lovely Trasparenze Orione Lace Tights. Trasparenze should be proud of having created such an amazing leg style. It’s truly unique. First, the fine all over the lace, which is to die for. Then, the thicker calf panel with that ribbon, beautifully tied over the knee. We love it from toes to hips.

What of these six seductive Trasparenze AW18 Tights and Hold ups you like the most? Are you going to treat you with a pair of these before Autumn arrives?


  • RT

    I’ve been buying Trasparenze hosiery for a number of years, an I couldn’t agree more … every season, they turn our something special … EVERY season. Be it something subtle and elegant or something to stand out from the crowd, Trasparenze does it!

    Do they still perfume their hosiery? In the past, there was a wonderful scent when you first opened the packaging … just wondering!

    • UK Tights

      We are glad we are not the only people in love with Trasparenze! 🙂
      They still have that subtle sweet fragrance, yes. It’s lovely, isn’t it?
      UK Tights team

  • Randall Pierce

    Love Trasparenze tights from solids to stylish in fact to mention one I have the Trasparenze Fellini tights. They look great on fashionable yet stylish they fit and feel great plus they make my legs look fantastic have others on my wish list soon as I have the funds.

  • Char

    My favourites completely setting over the line but my legs look amazing in them long toned and muscular… built for nylons!!

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