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This is a very important day in our history. We’ve worked very hard for the past eight years to bring you the very best shopping experience we can and make it easy ad quick to find leg wear you love. Today, we’ve come one step closer to this goal with our new website, built just for smartphones.

UK Tights has been specially reorganised, revisited and revamped so that it’s now even easier to browse our range and purchase, without a lot of pinching and zooming and having to deal with a site that was made with regular desktops in mind.

You can see our new mobile site on any smartphone device, whether it be an iPhone, Android or Windows Phone. Simply go to your browser of choice and go to our homepage, .

We hope you like the new layout and if you want to comment or suggest improvements, just leave a comment below. We’ll listen to anything you to say to us and if we can, we’ll make an improvement, because you’re our customers and you deserve the best shopping experience possible. Enjoy!


  • Mahe

    I’ve been reading your blog for a while now, and I love it. You seem to have a knack for findnig the cutest vintage clothes!However, I do have a question for you – how do you clean vintage shoes? Clothes at least you can throw in the wash or take for dry cleaning. But I just bought a really cute pair of vintage boots, and I’m afraid of getting some strange foot disease. What do you usually do?

    • UK Tights

      Well, we do like vintage shoes, as all vintage clothes seem to be made to wear tights. First you need to clean the outside as usual to clean dust with a leather-friendly liquid and lots of care. After, go to the inside. Here it is a tip: mix 1 part of a smelly oil (tea tree oil, for instance) with four parts of water to clean the inside of the shoes. You just need to leave them dry with the air, far from any heating or sunshine. Finally, brush them up and store them in a shoes’ box (a paper one). Check them from time to time, moisture can spoil them!

      Hope you find our tips useful. Cheers

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