UK Tights on YouTube: Our first hosiery video features

That title sounds awfully familiar.

When you commit yourself to something, for the first few hours, its all you can think about. We promised our readers YouTube videos a few days weeks months ago, but of course, you tape yourself to do a “meet the team” video, take a good look at the result and realise PhotoShop can’t help you.

But we finally got all our camera equipment, lighting, sets and props, and the most important thing of all, someone other than me to actually film.

How are UK Tights’ first hosiery video-features?

So, after deciding that showing the products in real life would be the best use of film, and after thinking of was going to be the one who modelled them, we found ourselves some professionals.

You can meet the UK Tights pantyhose models here

Some of our most popular products were filmed first, so we could have more goodies to add to the product page. An image, a description and product details are essential, but whenever I’m shopping on the Internet, if there’s a video I can’t help but click it.

There’s something about little clips and a chance to see whatever you’re buying up close that everyone is attracted to.

Close-ups and 360-degree views

So we thought you might benefit from seeing some of our products up close!

We’ll also be adding videos of new products in the near future, so every time new products come onto our site, all of our YouTube subscribers will recieve an update about the new videos.

So if you pay our channel a visit and like what you see, just hit Subscribe and you won’t have to keep checking for new stuff!

As of today, we already have 26 new videos posted. But what really struck me when I opened up our channel this morning was that in less than 48 hours, we’ve had over 1400 views!

Jeepers! Well, we must have done something right.

We hope to see you soon in our YouTube channel!


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