UK Tights Takes Ownership Of My Tights

We are pleased to announce a big step forward in the history of our organisation. As you may have already read on Lingerie Insight, Underlines magazine and our Social Media channels, UK Tights has officially signed for ownership of My and My

Until now, My Tights had been one of the biggest hosiery retailers in the world, and along with UK Tights, they had been a leading name in e-commerce for legwear for the past 15 years. The deal to purchase and My was finalised last month. UK Tights is now the largest retailer in terms of stock holdings, size and the seniority of our website and of course, the amount of business we do. 


Dawn Barber, Managing Director

What does this mean for the industry and for the customer?

This is a big change for our industry. For our suppliers, it means business as usual for the most part. We will continue to offer the large ranges that we do currently offer, including the amazing choice we have always strived for.

With My Tights no longer operating, UK Tights is the first and most obvious choice for customers to transition to

With My Tights no longer operating, UK Tights is the first and most obvious choice for customers to transition to, meaning we will have the chance to grow and do so much more with our new customers.

We are stronger together than we can ever be apart

The exclusive deals that this company offered will also have less representation on the internet and we will be looking into the possibility of doing business with them also. In time, it will mean our partners and suppliers can look forward to more business from us than they have done from the three retailers separately. In short, we are stronger together than we can ever be apart.


Jonathan Barber, Technical Director

What does this mean for our customers?

With more customers in our care alone, it means more opportunities for growth. With this growth we have already began to hire a larger team, which will lead to better service and to an easier and more fluid shopping experience. With this easy and enjoyable experience, only good things can come.

From Dawn’s Living Room to All Around the World:

We began our journey in 2005 and 11 years later we have achieved more than we have ever hoped to. We would like to thank each and every single person who has purchased from UK Tights. From that first order that I personally packaged in my living room at home, with its hand written label and a special trip to the corner post office, to our most recent customer with orders worth thousands of pounds going half way around the world or items destined for the wardrobe departments of big movie studios, we want to thank each and every one of you.

We could not be here without you, and quite honestly, there is no place we would rather be!


  • randy

    Just got done reading the UK Tights Blog very well put together and informative I really enjoyed reading and seeing the different colors and styles. And yes I am a avid male wearer that wears as fashion just not openly plus the benefits of wearing. It’s great you that you took over ownership of My Tights.

    • UK Tights

      Thank you Randy for your nice words. We try our best to offer the best service and to assist all our customers with anything possible.

      UK Tights team

  • Paul Dodich

    Hi Dawn and crew, your services are invaluable and many items I have purchased of high quality. I don’t mind stating I am a male user of your products and many items have help support my weak joints. Carry on the good work and I do wish you continuing success. WELL DONE! A loyal customer,.

  • Diana Lightwing

    I have been with you from Dawn’s front room! Nowhere else could I buy my necessary compressed tights in such acceptable colours and fit. Congratulations on your acquisition, but please do not forget the ordinary customer who requires necessary legwear without the fashion label! I only buy my tights from you and have recommended you to my daughter, who also needs compression tights.

    • UK Tights

      Thanks Diana for your kind words and for recommending us to your daughter! As you say, fashion isn’t as important as great fit and extra features, such as compression. We always try to keep your needs in mind. Since we took ownership of My Tights, we have extended our range of essentials, since there were some products and some colours we didn’t sell before. Thanks again!
      UK Tights team

  • Anonymous


    I will be happy to do business with you in the future, as I buy Elbeo tights, usual have to get my supply from U.S. I buy factor 10 & 12 size medium, colour paola, asian, and barely black, Would you have my size and colour?
    Kind regards

    • UK Tights

      Thanks, Jan.
      Here you take take a look at our Elbeo range of support tights, stockings and knee highs:
      We don’t stock them in Asia, but we do in Barely black and, for some items, in Paola, too. If you can’t find your ideal tone, feel free to contact our Customer Service with your request and they’ll come back to you asap with an answer. Thanks again
      UK Tights team

  • Helen Middleton

    Many congratulations on the expansion of the organisation. Can I say how I personally have been really impressed at the way Dawn and her team have handled my purchases over the years, and how understanding they have been in dealing with this particular customer. When it was difficult for “ladies” like me to purchase hosiery in conventional stores, you were my life saver.

    Thank you, and may you go from strength to strength.


    • UK Tights

      Oh, thank you Helen. We are very grateful to our customers. Good feedback always feels good 🙂
      As you say, things are never easy and we are happy we can help you and make the buying process as smooth as possible.
      Thanks again Helen.
      UK Tights team

  • Trixie

    Pleased to have purchased regularly from you and Mytights. Indeed, remember only too well my first purchase all those years ago. Being a TV l was so concerned the postman would discover l was buying a pair of tights and went to considerable lengths ( actually numerous emails) to ensure delivery was in plain packaging. Need not have had an anxious night’s sleep…plain packaging and no give away address in case of non delivery and no logos. From there l have bought a prodigious number of tights and stockings.

    • UK Tights

      Hi Trixie,
      Thanks for your comment. As you know all our packages are plain and, even, in your bank statement your orders will come as Web Shop Direct. It’s nobody’s business what you buy, isn’t it?
      Please, don’t hesitate to contact us in the future if you need any help. We’re always happy to help!
      UK Tights team

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