When Underwear Becomes Art

We were very glad to see last week that UK Tights has started selling bodysuits again. In the past we have sold some of Gerbe’s fabulous bodysuits. This time around, it won’t be Gerbe that’s supplying our designs. Instead, the four new items, we’re very pleased to say, are made by Pierre Mantoux.

Pierre Mantoux is an infinitely well respected brand, in every field they go into. Their quality of their leg wear really does defy description. Although we’ve sold their leg wear in the past, their bodysuit provided us with something we’re always on the hunt for.


The real power of a bodysuit is its versatility. You can simply wear it with a skirt and jacket, and you have your outfit!

We love the simplicity and the minimal effort needed to look fantastic.

The particular bodysuit we want to look at today is the Feminite. It’s our favourite from amongst the new Pierre Mantoux range and we suspect it’s going to be the first to sell out completely!



Pierre Mantoux Feminite Tulle long sleeved body


We could quite easily conclude our review here. The image says more than we ever could!

If you’re a reader of our other blog, you’ll may already know what’s coming next. A lengthy spiel on the virtues of the slimming effect.

Well, Pierre Mantoux have given us, perhaps, the ideal of this magical effect with the Feminite bodysuit.

The collar of the bodysuit is a flow of lace frill that catches your glance before anything else has the chance to. The breadth of the lace gives the collar a full, elongated spread that envelops your gaze and sends it towards the navel. This is made all the more effective with the addition of a solid black line, pointing to the diaphragm like an arrow.

We mentioned the bodysuit’s perfect partnership with skirts. The only regret is that you might miss out on the next part of this piece’s repertoire.

The eyes descend to the navel. As they reach their destination, your peripheral vision catches the tall edge of yet more lace. The trims pulls a similar trick. It tumbles downwards, but slims itself towards the end. A clever trick on the part of Pierre Mantoux’s design team. The descent redirects gazes towards your legs, and because the lace tapers towards the end, it slims your thighs and legs just in time for wandering eyes to reach them.

When you want to find something very different to what you may be used to. When a departure from the everyday is necessary, bodysuits are a daring and forceful leap away from dull. They are, no doubt, always popular in the bedroom, but we’re predicting they’ll became much more popular as a fashion accessory.

We can only say one thing more about this piece. It’s quality is unrivalled. If you valued exceptional materials and beautifully crafted clothes, Pierre Mantoux won’t disappoint you in the slightest.

It’s more than just a garment. It’s a work of Art.

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