Winter Tights You Need To Try This Chilly Season

There is nothing quite so cosy as a pair of winter tights when it comes to the cold weather. They are so versatile, as winter tights can be worn under trousers for maximum snuggliness or you can wear them with a lovely winter dress or skirt, knee-length boots, and you will then have that classic look and warm legs too.

Winter tights are normally made from either wool, cotton or Nylon mixes. Any of these can come in different density and will keep you warm for sure. Obviously, the more natural fibres you try to wear the warmer your legs will be, as the wool and cotton tights will allow your skin to breath. Having said that, there are some real heavyweights these days in the opaque tights section that are made from Nylon mixes, but because they go up to 300 denier, they are almost like a trouser.

Tights differ from trousers because their close-knit fabric traps air between them and your legs; therefore, the warm body air that you give off is then kept close to your skin. This is what helps to keep you warm. A little like a sleeping bag. That too absorbs your heat and keeps it in the bag.

These days winter tights come in all sizes and colours as well as fibres. If you’re new to the winter tight market, then perhaps now would be a good time to give them a try. Take a good look at your wardrobe and pick out some of the main colours you regularly wear. Then go to our website and choose an appropriate pair of tights to go with them. Many people usually invest in a few pairs of black opaques which will normally go with most outfits. These are their go-to winter tights. Here are a few for you to take a look and maybe try.

Oroblu Cheryl Fine Cashmere Mix Tights

Oroblu Cheryl Fine Cashmere Mix Tights

When the word cashmere is in the title you know for sure you’re gonna have an amazing product. Soft, luxurious and very cosy. This amazing brand from one of Italy’s finest designers of legwear brings you their most sumptuous product.

Falke Soft Merino Wool and Cotton Mix Tights

Falke Soft Merino Wool and Cotton Mix Tights

When it comes to high quality, it’s hard to beat this designer. A German brand with excellence at its heart. Their innovative products leave others standing. This product has a wonderful combination of both wool and cotton so both warm and comfortable to wear.

Trasparenze Jennifer Merino Wool Tights

Trasparenze Jennifer Merino Wool Tights

A less expensive product yet still brings with it all the things you would want from a winter tight. Using the finest merino wools this Italian designer have given you beautiful colours, great fit and value for money all in one go.

Kunert Liz Cotton Tights

Kunert Liz Cotton Tights

A perfect product if you’re looking for a very high cotton content in a pair of tights. These tights are breathable and feel fantastic against your skin. They also come in plus sizes so no matter your needs, these will be a great choice.


  • ribbedtights

    Great article just to remind us that even on sub-zero days, tights can be an option.

    Personally, I love cashmere tights, but if my budget doesn’t stretch that far, good quality wool and cotton are a great alternative. And I go bold … I don’t just buy black tights. Add colour and still keep the cold out.

  • Stuart Tuck

    I love tights so much, they are the best item of clothing ever designed and on really cold days I find wearing a pair of 80 denier opaque tights under my jeans keep my legs and feet warm enough and feeling so comfortable at the same time. I love them.

  • Martin Hellawell

    For the winter you cant beat Wolford 70 denier – feel nice, wash well – a bit expensive compared to others like Charnos but well worth the extra. Under jeans, they keep my legs toasty warm

  • Geoff Whittaker

    Love thick denier tights under my trousers I also put them under my cycling trousers completely stops the cold getting through.

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